Whenever I come out Atheist .. they assume I must have no ethics or morals whatsoever and that I am willing to do just about anything --- like lie, cheat and steal.

Anyone else have this happen to them?

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Jedi you said that so eloquently. I agree.

Yes Joan it is a common misconception that Atheists are all convicts or something. When in reality the prison population is full of believers.

Joan I would love to hear more stories of teaching in the prison system.

Joan a study about your experience would be awesome.

Steph, I have taken so many strange and interesting paths in my life and I write about them in little snippets. My book, "A Splendid Heresy" is in the making. 

Thanks for your interest. 

Ooh, that sounds worth the reading! When can I expect my copy? ;-)

I would love to read your book Joan. And so would Jedi .. there's real interest here.

Well, they assume the same for me, but n my case, they are right! :o)

Hey there! You're so funny! Hope you have a nice weekend!

Yeah, I agree. I am funny lookin'. You do the same!!!

You have a nice sense of humor ... Lol
Thank you all for contributing. I'm really impressed by the wonderful replies I received here. They have been helpful!
This is something I'm still pondering. It seems some people need god to keep them in check. I equate it to a child who only behaves only because they're scared of being disciplined. It's amazing how fast some people jump to "Oh you don't believe in god?  Youre an evil person!"


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