Since I have officially accepted the fact that there is no God and no Santa Clause (same difference) I have gradually and sometimes actively searched for people that I could connect with on this level. I have been rejected and accepted by people for something that I cannot help; but more and more I come out and say, “I am an Atheist.” For some reason it is a statement that some others (Theists) don’t like to hear. Sometimes it will even elicit a reaction that is similar to one involving a personal attack on their mother’s chastity. When people hear a statement that makes them uncomfortable they get defensive. I have told my dad (“No I do not believe in God.”) and I have told some of my friends. Strangers, I could care less about. But I have found 2 Atheist’s in my group of good friends and most of the rest of them don’t really give a shit what I choose.

A little advice…

I don’t think that telling others that you are an Atheist should be like walking off a cliff; maybe taking the gradual slope down the back would be a better option. I let people assume what they want to assume (it is an easy way to control the situation). And eventually it will come out, if it really matters.

One thing I would never do I provoke their anger with anger. It leads to nowhere. If you are having trouble getting someone that you really care about to accept you, express your disappointment in them (in a calm empathetic way). There has actually been a study that shows people who show disappointment in others tend to get what they want more often.

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