Do you know who was the first person in Christian history to be executed for blasphemy ? Jesus.

A new organization has been formed by the US religious right to attack a program that hasn't yet reached pilot stage. JC a Comedy Central cartoon about Jesus trying to live a normal life in New York, does not have a completed script, but Citizens Against Relgious Bigotry (Carb) are calling on advertisers to force the channel to abort it.

There is no script as yet so they couldn't be evaluating anything. They only know that it's Comedy Central is producing it and everyone knows they are in league with Satan. This is an outragious attempt at pre-censorship.  But then the Muslims got away with it.

 I get really sick of these sanctimonious assholes and their god with no fucking sense of humor.

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If jesus is so powerfull, how come he does not fight his own battles instead depending on mere mortals?

My most-often made argument these days.

If God is so interested in our politics, why did he put Obama in office? (Have you considered that God prefers Obama and you all are wrong?).

If God is powerful enough to save one person in the plane crash, why not save everyone?

If God is powerful enough to save earthquake victims (as evidenced by all y'all praying for them), why didn't he just prevent the earthquake in the first place?
If god is powerful enough to prevent earthquakes and save all the starving babies, then he just chooses not to, and lets them die. What a fucking asshole!! Why do people worship this dick?
Gotta love their organisation names. It's like the Health Freedom Movement - their primary interest is the freedom to sell stuff like anti-polio diets via mail without scrutiny from health professionals. Some with CARB - bigotry is nice sounding filler, the key word is just against.
Wow, really sick! Maybe we should have a draw Jesus day or a draw a cartoon Jesus strip day?
And have Pat Robertson swear out a fatwa on us like he did on Ceasar Chavez?
I do like the draw Jeebus day, however.
Pat Robertson is a creep for sure! I just got done reading a book titled, "Live From the Gates of Hell:An Insiders Look at the Anti-Abortion Movement" by Jerry Reiter. He talks alot about Robertson (he used to be an insider with him) and others like him that want Biblical law enforced in this country. Reiter says they are reconstructionalist Christians; ie, they believe for example that homosexuals should get the death penalty, ect. They are the Christian Taliban and Reiter writes about the political processes theyve created to push their agenda into the American political system. They also have aligned themselves with the anti-government militia movement. Pretty creepy!
Yeah, I can't wait for Jon Stewart's comments on it.
I think JC sounds like a great comedy.
Jesus Christ is a marketing superstar.
Organized religion (like crime) is very big business.

I dew believe that Organized Crime and Religion were founded by the same group
of entrepreneurs as an upwardly and downwardly integrated cash machine.

Why were saloons and churches the first biz that went up in a new town on the westward expansion?
Just depended on what kind of liars you wanted to spend time with.
And everyone knows you should avoid too much CARBs.

(Sorry, but someone had to make that bad joke).
Silly Christians, don’t they know abortion is murder. JC has already been 'conceived' therefore its too late..
haha speaking of good shows they need.. anyone remember Lil' Bush?




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