Such a lovely christmas season, spreading love and understanding around the world....


I thought Xmas songs were about celebrating the baby jesus, and giving thanks for god's love, and happiness for the joyous season.... and bitching about godless damn liberals?

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They love to spread the love! Can't you feel it? They just love to accept others with differing opinions and views -- hehe.

*rolls eyes*

Moderator,  I was acting like a ninny!  I didn't understand embedded links.  (I still don't  ;-(

Again, I'm very sorry!

Apology accepted.  Also see my response on your other comment, your concern is taken care of.  Have a good day!

Well, at least you explained yourself.  I thought you were joking.  I am certainly not posting any snuff film.  This video is a christmas song, and a stupid one.  What is wrong with you?

What Youtube includes after any video undergoes change - it's what they think at the moment is most likely to be a link.  It is like an automated google search.  It can change at any time.

This is embedded, as are ALL videos on nexus.  All youtube videos.  Embed means it's a built in link to that section of the youtube site, not a copy - so this is not a post or copy of copyrighted materials.  It's an embedded link to them.  

This is not pornography or a link to pornography.  You tube does not allow pornography.   I didn't even know what you were talking about until you pointed it out - and I looked at every subsequent link until I saw a boring hunting video - and I did not see any bloodshed, just what looked like a staged hunt.  Admitted I skimmed through it, but if we cant post something that might link to a link then another link, we pretty much can't post anything.  Maybe that links to something else but I'm actually wondering if you are just drunk.

Please just go through the reporting process.  I don't have the patience to figure out what you are hysterical about.  If there is more then let them decide.  

Oh,I'm so oppressed. I can't shove my religion down everybody's throat. 

What a bunch of whiners they are.

Agreed! They love to whine!

Sentient Biped, I sincerely apologize.  I am not drunk.  There were six or seven awful bloody hunt videos linked to your excellent christmas song video post.  One just ran into another.   I was just shocked at the images.  I'm sorry!


No problem!  You prompted me to look further into the Youtube embed process.  It turns out there is a way to disable the "suggested videos" which is what your concern was, so I have done that.

Embed is like having a little TV on the screen, tuned to look at one video.  It's not a copy of the video, it just plays it from Youtube.  Youtube is like the TV station, and the embed is like the receiver.  Youtube adds suggested videos at the end, like the google ads on Nexus, so if you click on them it leads to more videos, and to ads that pay for Youtube.  Youtube is diligent about removing videos that violate copyright, and pornographic videos, but are not concerned about violence.  Even actual Iranian hangings, and actual terrorist decapitations of kidnapped prisoners, are depicted in horrifying detail, horrible.  But not sex and not copyright violations.  I would never link to those.

The 12 days of Christianity:
It doesn't rhyme, but there's no rhyme or reason to faith...

12 Africans with HIV...
11 children sexually abused...
10 innocent people tortured...
9 non-Christians slaughtered...
8 ethnic cleansings...
7 women burnt at the stake...
6 doctors murdered...
5 innocent people duped into giving away life savings...
4 sciences refused...
3 logics contradicted...
2 people enslaved...
1 catastrophic folly!




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