Ok, this guy is probably my favorite YouTuber, and his latest video beautifully (well, he does talk too fast, but be patient, and you'll see how wise he is) echoes my own concerns about this topic: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wrq5aYwNexQ&feature=sub

Tell me what y'all think.


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Sorry, I just can't follow him. Between my hearing and the bad sound and the quick talking, I miss about half of what he says.
Sorry - it's a fail. His argument falls over because if anyone actually started talking about blacks in government, or gays in government or hispanics in government, it would be treated in exactly the same way jews in government. He is making a case for the taboo on antisemitism being jewish exceptionalism. That's bullshit. Fail.
You're a gibberish and propaganda machine Larry. This Palestinian poop don't stink garbage is truly nauseating. Simple fact is they don't even need Israel for the body count. They are quite happy butchering each other -

"In 2007, the death toll of Palestinians killed by Fatah or Hamas exceeded for the first time the number of Palestinians killed in clashes with the Israeli occupation forces," said Hamdi Shaqqura, director of the democratic development unit at Gaza's Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. [link]

PCHA is criticised by Israel as pro-Hamas.

One other thing to bear in mind for all of you Palestinian apologists out there is you'd probably find a snowflake in hell before you'd find a Palestinian that would object to concentration camps for atheists.

Please try and make a habit of researching before presenting such highly charged factoids. "Genocide" is a big word and along with all your 9/11 truther stuff doesn't do a lot to promote us as being smarter than them dang xtians.
you'd probably find a snowflake in hell before you'd find a Palestinian that would object to concentration camps for atheists

I'm certainly no Palestinian apologist, but I do know there were Marxist (and therefore probably atheist) activists in the PFLP not that long ago. I doubt all of them vanished.
Strictly speaking, extreme Islamists are Marxists too, by their own admission [this and this and countless other sources]. It means very little. This glamourisation of Palestinians as innocent oppressed poster children is just one of the very many things that gives right wing pundits so much ammunition against western liberalism and allows it to implode into a directionless mess. But all this is a meaningless derailment from the thread subject.
I found this as my reply:
The tragedy is that post-Reagan progressives grew up during a time when government "re-trained" America, via consistent anti-poor rhetoric in the media. If something is repeated often enough, it will be accepted as truth. It was a brilliant strategy, in view of America's social history. Progressive writers of the past worked to unite the people -- the masses of poor/working class people.They informed the general public about those things not covered by MSM, resulting in a range of progressive policies -- civil rights, voting rights, the labor movement, the Roosevelt and Kennedy eras of rebuilding the working class by raising up the poor, etc. As a result, we became the wealthiest nation on Earth, with the highest quality of life -- even for our poor. It was progressives, by addressing the suffering of the majority (INCLUDING those worse off than "working poor") that brought Americans to their feet to demand needed changes.

The problem was that our anti-poverty programs and policies minimized the ability of the rich to acquire even greater wealth and power. Every penny paid in fair wages is one less penny of profit. During the Reagan years, corporations turned to government, and Reaganomics/"trickle down economics" was created. The complaint was that since people could fall back on welfare, they simply didn't take jobs that didn't pay a fair wage or were unsafe. Welfare "reform" created a massive Third World workforce in the US -- min. wage or less, no workers' protections. We don't hear about the fact that companies will lay off a chunk of their workforce at a time, replacing those workers with involuntary workfare labor at a fraction of the wages.

Welfare "reform" couldn't have happened without first retraining the general population to consider our poor as "users" of hard-working-Americans, thereby turning the working class against the poorest. Remember hearing how those "generous" welfare programs were destroying our economy, at the expense of the working class? In fact, US welfare allotments were well below the poverty line. We were told that welfare created a "culture opf dependency": in reality, over 80% of AFDC (the largest welfare program) recipients voluntarily quit welfare for work in under 5 years. As for breaking the federal budget: AFDC used a mere 6% of the federal budget.

For the first time in US history, American progressives failed to address this issue. They ignored the way that our poor were exploited for political purposes, first to build a conservative movement on working class resentment, and then to transfer public welfare dollars into the bank accounts of the rich. This divide-and-conquer strategy ensured that there would be no uprising, no mass protests to interrupt the flow of public dollars to the top.We were taught that people are poor because they're bad.

Until US progressives get past being "embarrassed" of our poor, afraid of being called "namby-pamby liberals" for fighting for the poor, there will be no real movement. Those in positions to actually organize We the People simply don't "get" that the poor have always been the driving force of progressive change in America because these are the ones who see the government in its underwear, so to speak, rather than in its formal lecture suits.

by - DH Fabian





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