More Godless Billboards... Cincinnati sign removed after threats!

Thanks to Lacey for this update. The cincy sign has been removed due to threats on the land owner!
Searched but did not find this posted anyplace.
This is a link to an article about billboards off I-71 just north of Kentucky in Cincinnati.
"Don't believe in God? You are not alone." is the message, and there are soon to be more in Cleveland. The Cincy billboards are sponsored by the United Coalition of Reason, which has posted the boards which include a website to learn more.
Ah, reason is so sweet.

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There's 1 in columbus too.
I can't believe that in this day and age, this is considered news. Well, at least its something! How long do you think until the holy rollers start campaigning against it? The same logo was on the side of a bus and wow, the backlash.
Yeah,they can dish it out,but they sure can't take it.
It is no where in India.
I wish they'd put up one somewhere near me. I think that having some of these in some ruralish, Jeebus-filled locales might do a kind of good that can't really be achieved by sticking to places that people have heard of.

O' course, airtime would be more interesting--in that rampant anarchy way. I can imagine seeing this aired, with no audio--or just,like, some gently tweeting birds--, for a sneaky .7s between other commercials. Like guerrilla warfare--anyone who gets offended won't know what hit them and will be shouting at a totally different commercial by the time they start yelling.
Jared, I adore the air time idea! Can we do this? is it feasable?
You are right, it's outrageous that in this day and age it's considered news. Now that it's down, I think we should cause a stink.
Any suggestions?
I wish I knew.

If anything I would like to start with the fact that religious doctors can practice their beliefs while in the office, but that's a WHOLE other rant.

Society has to change, it'll take hundreds of years, maybe thousands if we get to live that long, aside from that it feels hopeless at times! Where one bigot is stopped, another pops up. It would help if Atheists were actually treated as equals to religious people, but it's just not the case right now. Society is seemingly okay with Atheist discrimination, for some reason.
Religious doctors, I'm sayin'!~
My grandkids' doc has bible verses all over the waiting room on the walls. but it's his private practice. Growing up we had those Bible Story books in the dentist office and in some of the doc offices too.
air time?.ya,you can do this.but i think it will be little costlier than other means...
Let's pool money from atheist organizations across the country and get an ad during the Superbowl. :D

By the way, the billboard going up was the most commented story on the Cincinnati Enquirer's website. Again, why is this news? Oh,'s free publicity.




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