More Godless Billboards... Cincinnati sign removed after threats!

Thanks to Lacey for this update. The cincy sign has been removed due to threats on the land owner!
Searched but did not find this posted anyplace.
This is a link to an article about billboards off I-71 just north of Kentucky in Cincinnati.
"Don't believe in God? You are not alone." is the message, and there are soon to be more in Cleveland. The Cincy billboards are sponsored by the United Coalition of Reason, which has posted the boards which include a website to learn more.
Ah, reason is so sweet.

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it could be done easily........burden will not be on single person...
How many atheists do you think there are across the country that would be willing to donate $20-$50 to air such an ad? If a 30-second ad is $2 million, it would take 100,000 donations at an average of $20 per person. For an average of $50 per person, we'd need 40,000 people to donate.

Perhaps some prominent atheists, like Dawkins, Dennett, etc., and maybe even those who aren't especially vocal about being atheists, like Bill Gates and Brad Pitt, would be willing to donate a few thousand to such a proposition.

Another issue is whether Rupert Murdoch and Fox would be willing to air such a commercial.
I wonder....
Free Thinker, I like the way you think!
That sounds like a great idea FreeThinker, and would actually get me to watch the Superbowl. :O)

Me too! But the superbowl commercials are high end big bucks! ! !
It would also have to be very funny.
(Which isn't really that hard, considering the subject matter.)




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