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I'm a former gun enthusiast. I was like the trick shooter they had on 1960's western movies. Today's gun use has gotten way out of hand. A gun should never be in church, and I have a fundy friend who is all about "guns and jeezus." His crowd all has "concealed carry" and I haven't got there yet. Probably never will.

I took notice of a gun show cancelling recently because Zimmermann was going to be there and some people didn't like that idea. The promoter said he lost a lot of money. Good. That man doesn't need to carry a gun or be anywhere around a gun. He is not a hero or role model. He should never be allowed to do concealed carry again.

It's funny Michael. I am not anti-gun by any means. My dad made a living trading guns in the good old days. I have shot all kinds of guns and I'm quite good with them myself. I admire the mechanics of the machine. I think we are guaranteed to have guns for protection. People should be able to have them for that and for sport. And the Constitution is clear on it. The right wing likes to use gun law for votes. Wanna piss someone off? When they start wailing about their second amendment rights being violated say "You know, I still haven't seen the Clinton gun collection wagon come by"

My problem is when it is taken up as "way of life" politics. And it gets so twisted. People think banning the sale of new military weapons is the exact same thing as physically removing their deer rifle. My state just passed a new concealed carry law so you can have a loaded weapon within reach inside your vehicle at all times. Everyone is squealing with delight, except law enforcement. That's what gets me, these asshats are making life more dangerous for the people trying to protect them.

I know many people here that own AR-15 rifles. Most bought them last year. I asked one of my friends if he was planning to invade a small country. He did not think it was funny. I think assault rifle is the wrong term for these. They are firefight survival rifles. I personally feel that there should be severe restrictions on a device designed to efficiently dispatch at least a dozen people at intermediate range without a reload. I have never found myself in a situation where that was necessary.

Zimmerman is a nut who desperately wanted to be a vigilante and should be in jail. The sad part is Florida. I tell people don't wear a hoody down there. If you do and somebody approaches you, don't hit them because then they can shoot you, and get away with it.

The end of intelligence and the beginning of insanity. If you can use a deadly weapon to attract converts to the religion of the 'Prince of Peace,' then why not use crack cocaine and heroin to attract people to the pure and holy life of a Xtian.

The ancients used hashish and became "assassins."



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