I put an ad up on craigslist last night, figured couldn't hurt to reach out to some women whom are Atheists that may not feel comfortable talking about their views so I decided to do something about that.

Now I got a reply in my inbox this morning from this asshole, whom I am not sure was a man or a woman...I am thinking man based on the use of language here. But it just still confounds me how these folks are the same ones that think they have a monopoly on compassion and virtue quite often have none themselves.

Here is the email they sent to me this morning about 11:30AM EST, today.

***"Atheist? Someone needs to throw your nasty black ass out into the middle of the ocean and leave you there. It wouldnt take long for you to start praying to God to save your black ass. It seems that in todays society that just being black would be hard enough. Throw in stupid and you might as well put a bullet into your head."***

Here is my response:

Nice to see that Christian tolerance about love, respect, and forgiveness for one another is still being preached around these days. I went looking for GOD ages ago, and all I found was people like you championing how “good GOD” is and yet, with the scale of suffering that goes on in this world I deemed it highly impossible for this imaginary friend of yours to possibly exist. It’s funny how this GOD of yours could find it so easy to directly lift the slaves of Egypt out, but decided that to do the same thing for blacks in America was just something he could not fathom himself to do at all. But yet folks actually believe Moses and those folks were black, so if that’s true it’s even worse. As far as your ocean comment, I swim very well.

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I generally have to many other things to do. If I'm bored, though, I'll get into it a bit.
The religion and philosophy boards in IMDB can be a pretty amusing debate forum as well...especially when you're bored.
I just do my best
That's really disturbing!
One of my friends has a Darwin fish on his car. I keep waiting for some slime brain to key it or something.
It astounds me that can't see how they appear to others.
I had a similar experience with a bumper sticker that said "I like your Christ, I don't like your Christians, they are nothing like your Christ. - Ghandi." I was threatened with physical violence several times untill my husband took it off one day. Now I just have the HRC logo, no violence yet...
Your replies are well thought out and succenctly stated. I couldn't agree more. Your cyber dummard does, indeed sound like a great many people I grew up around and are still in distressing abundence here in fundieland. But please don't think we're all like that. Some of us are actually decent, free-thinking, caring, non-judgmental, compassionate atheists........in spite of the efforts of those who raised us.

Also, consider the probable source. This person is obviously a self-loathing, homophobic bigot whose only pleasure in life is spewing his particular brand of xtion love and charity. Probably sleeps in (not on) a white sheet, too. Just think of it as entertainment....creepy entertainment maybe, but who dosen't love a good creepy soap? I do envy your way with words. That slap-down was classy!
The first response was well said, but I think the second was unecessary...and honestly as an intellectual you know better than to throw generalizations around such as "redneck". I'm from the south, the Bible belt, and while I don't appreciate the racial slurs that he threw around, I don't particularly appreciate terms like "redneck" either.

Don't go down to this moron's level. He doesn't deserve your time nor your energy.
That's weird. I thought redneck was a term of pride these days. "Redneck Woman" and all.

Don't let racists fucks think they can bully anyone they want. If he's gonna throw around racist terms, he opened a door that he can't shut.
Whatever you want to classify Redneck [*] as, you're splitting hairs. To me, the term "redneck" is no more and no less offensive than the word "nigger" - it's just a more socially acceptable term of hatred or derision. I personally refuse to be offended by mere words (there's a lesson there for everybody - your offense gives them power) - but if you're going to be sensitive, then be sensitive of the lot, or be sensitive of none. Be consistent. This is not a convenience store.

[*] - if you still want to maintain that redneck is harmless compared to the "n" word, read the book. It puts some perspective into many things, especially slavery. As an example, white Irish slaves (the original "rednecks") had less of a dollar value than black slaves, and thus, more expendable. You can start howling in indignation now. Token, take your blood pressure medication.
Why assume that the verbal assailant was white? Could s/he not just as easily be black? Would a cracker be so concerned "that just being black would be hard enough"?
I'm not sure equating the word "nigger" with the word "redneck" is near anywhere close...I'll be the first to admit I have a rather obvious bias on this issue. However, I am not certain that the person who wrote me this was white...but my experiences and the way in which this was written lead me to believe that the overall chance of this being written by someone who was white is more than likely.


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