More Nails in the Coffin of Gerry(mandering) — A Victory for Optimism

Americans remain sharply divided at the ballot box, ... [b]ut they consistently voted against one thing on Tuesday: gerrymandering. In Michigan, Missouri, and Colorado, voters overwhelmingly passed ballot initiatives to put an end to this practice; as of Wednesday evening, another in Utah held onto a slight lead. They join another initiative passed in Ohio earlier this year. (from Wired)

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Hm-m-m, in three weeks, no posts.

Heres is a link to a good map of congressional districts.  Zooming in you will see gerrymandering.

I don't know how congressional districts, school districts and what not are divided.

It seems to me that congressional districts should be divided by county - not by road, or block as gerrymandeing often is done.

The “bookkeeping” on voting is done by precincts, Chris, and precinct boundaries are usually streets or roads.




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