Loren's recent post on his Nexus post being quoted on CNN, without permission or even notification, led me to search on my image here.  Creepy!  I think this is the only place where I use this photo, because all "hits" came back to Nexus posts.  

What's really creepy is who the google search thinks I look like.

Strange.  I look just like...  (# 1 match)

Not true!  I never smoke!

or # 2 choice.....

Wow!  I don't think so! Or, scattered among the images that looked like mine:






These are my dopplegängers?  In some cases, I wish.  In other cases, really?

Still, the # of postings from nexus that DID identify my pic correctly is interesting.   Not sure what to say about that.

By the way Loren, I searched on your profile pic too. Here.  What can I say?  Most DO show a man of a certain age.  Still, do you think you look this match:


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I hope this is OK since your profile pic is a kitty.  I tried for you.  Google obviously uses the color pattern in addition to the shapes and facial patterns.  Is this close?

or this?

how about...

This last one IS fairly close, I think!

Yeah lol!
You have to be careful because there are privacy violations all the time.

Let me be utterly and absolutely clear about this:

In participating in discussions on Atheist Nexus, I had NO desire whatsoever to have my comments or opinions be picked up by ANY external media and transmitted or promulgated, certainly not after the fashion which Dan Merica did in his article on CNN.com.  That I can deal with that event does not change the fact that I in no way desired nor solicited said event, and if Dan were to ask me about it at this point, my response would be both pointed and blunt: that he took my words without permission or consideration.

I suppose that events like this are no novel event in the internet environment.  I don't see that as any form of excuse, however.

Loren, I understand your concern and alarm.  I wouldn't like it either.  This is a sobering warning to all of us.  I hope what I am adding here, if indirectly, is not only our name but also our image is easily searchable.  The sophistication of that search-ware will doubtless improve with time.  Facebook already uses it.  That the google search-ware brings up some weird matches can be an interesting exercise, but also a reason for pause.  The search is instantaneous, very easy, and available to anyone with access to the internet.

That must be a much younger rendition of Loren, of what they think he looked like some decades ago. :D

hey fun topic~

dude I google image searched 'guitar zeroh' w/the h.. .twas quite a look!

"In participating in discussions on Atheist Nexus, I had NO desire whatsoever to have my comments or opinions be picked up by ANY external media and transmitted or promulgated, "

It's gonna happen. If you post on a publicly viewable and searchable site, it will happen. It will be found by reporters and bloggers, and, if associated with your actual name, potential employers, co-workers, neighbors, ex'es, parents of your children's friends, and even cops.

The only way to control privacy is to limit access.

On the other hand, posting under a real name, or even the same pseudonym/account on multiple sites is never a good idea.

No kiddin', Jay.  My point in all of this was not so much being discovered as being QUOTED.  I mean, check me on this, but when a reporter for a major news source (CNN) does stuff like that, he or she usually at minimum notifies the quoted party if not asks permission to use that quote, don't they?  Or have such usages become passe in a time when anyone can cut-and-paste?

At this point it's (relatively) old news and nothing has come of it, and as I've said before, had something come of it, I could most likely handle the fallout.  Still ... not being told or asked about using my words ... it rather strikes at my sense of MANNERS and courtesy, something any good news reporter should have at least under some situations.  Call me old fashioned, but that's how I work.

It ever happens again, Merica will get an earful from me.

"My point in all of this was not so much being discovered as being QUOTED. "

Annoying but an attributed fair use quote on a publicly available website is probably quite legal. In actuality how would news reporting work if people HAD to get permission. We'd never get to quote Pat Robertson. News organizations would never get to quote people in contexts that they don't approve.



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