More on the Pixilated Roman Catholic Church

Apart from being the prime mover of the most elaborate, spellbinding, scintillating forms of corruption ever gawked at on this planet, there is an upfront, hence compelling, justification that implies that Italy will never emerge from the political and economic quagmire it is now stuck up to its neck in: the Roman Catholic Church (RCC).


The Roman Catholic Church is a criminally organized (Pope-appointed [February 2013] Ernst von Freyberg, president of the Vatican, Inc bank, Istituto per le Opere di Religione [IOR], has promised to “clean up” the corruption in the RCC's most infamous financial institution) occult inner circle moderated by fanatically authoritarian, masterfully mealy-mouthed, septuagenarian and octogenarian, ofttimes overweight, often senile, unmated men—freaks of perhaps some strange species belonging to a third sex—who mesmerize and indoctrinate their fellow travellers with ancient folkloric fantasies promising these pathetically naïve protégés compensation, for their wretched lives, in some nonexistent future time and state. A smart aleck Jesuit, pinned to the wall with this logic, will reply: “God acts in strange ways.” (The Charterhouse of Parma: Stendhal: “Herein lies the crowning achievement of a Jesuitical education; the formation of a habit of paying no attention to those things which are clearer than daylight.”) A chubby Franciscan friar, knowing better, will respond: “God wants you to have faith.”


Being a secret society, the RCC is not going to manifest to us—and especially to obsequious Italian journalists—the exact inventory of its vast real estate holdings in Italy and the world. One guesstimate is that the RCC possesses 20% of all Italian property. These often lucrative material possessions have served, in the past, as an enormous generator of rental income which, as all Italians discouragingly comprehend, is tax-free. But tax-free here is a misnomer. For decades, the Italian government has additionally made use of “holy pecuniary resources,” canalized to it from the RCC which had received them from the United States' government, organized crime elements, unethical financial machinations, and poor boxes from all over the world. (What's good for General Motors is good for America; what's good for Vatican, Inc is good for Italy!) These funds were used to pay salaries, pensions and health care services for millions and millions of Italians when the economic condition of the sovereign state was in dire straits. In fact, when these injections of hard cash were explicitly utilized to salvage buffeted Italian economies, the nomenclature expressed to describe the sudden turn of events was labelled “a miracle, a miraculous phenomenon.” Nevertheless, recent economic downturns of a macro scale have put enormous strains on all previously “faithful” contributors. Businesses in Italy are closing exponentially; therefore, rent from Vatican, Inc property holdings is in a free fall. In Napoli (Naples) 200 of the 500 churches in the city are closed shut and festooned with KEEP OUT signs because these sacred edifices are falling down, and there is no Vatican, Inc money to reconstruct them and the thousands of other churches in Italy on the verge of collapse. Plaster falls on kids' heads in RCC schools. If you come to Italy to sightsee, bring a construction worker's hard hat! Money is scarce. There is very little introit. The United States is fighting to stay alive. Organized crime in Italy is ferociously competing with other organized crime constituents from Eastern Europe and China. Financial institutions are shying away from the floundering Italian economy constantly on the skids. The world-wide pedophilia scandal has dissuaded Roman Catholics, all over the planet, from contributing to a governing body that they have flat out lost respect for. On Sundays RCC churches all over the world are almost empty except for old ladies who gather in churches looking for friends and something to occupy their time with. God acts in strange ways!


For centuries, priests in monasteries and nuns in convents, who took pleasure in engaging in erotic activities with religious folk of the same sex, were sorted out and mostly did not commingle with the faithful for whom the clergymen and clergywomen were constantly offering up prayers to the Almighty asking Him to forgive the sins of these laypersons whose souls were in jeopardy as a consequence of all the wickednesses they had committed—including participating in titillating behavior with members of the same sex! During the many inquisitions of the RCC, these individuals might have been condemned and burned at the stake. Sexual relationships between members of the same sex in monasteries and convents were ethically viable, but those between the hoi polloi were strictly forbidden. Has there ever been a priest or nun expelled from a monastery or convent for participating in erotic human activity with members of the same sex? When Vatican, Inc happed upon the idea that huge profits could be accrued by establishing RCC elementary schools, preparatory schools, colleges and universities, clerical types, once ensconced in religious “dungeons,” came out into the light and began interacting with lay personages. This upheaval, which could be the basis for an interesting doctoral dissertation, flung priests and nuns into an open field where they could not only satisfy their social and intellectual proclivities, they were also presented with the chance to extend their sexual rapports that had previously been limited to the environs of habitations reserved exclusively for religious orders or congregations. God acts in strange ways.


The pedophile outrage that belched out at the turn of this century is not only a testament to the cowardliness of the print and online media which have been aware of this actuality for centuries, it is, all the more importantly, a colossal symbol of the Roman Catholic Church's fall from grace and its desperateness to pull out of the violent plunge in popularity it is suffering all over the world. The RCC did not bribe victims of child abuse inflicted by priests and nuns because it was “standing up out of love” for their administrators of the sacraments thus keeping them out of prison where, in fact, they belong; rather, the RCC had no choice but to ante up hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure these priests and nuns could continue their operations because with all of them in jail, there would not be any of them left to do the work of the RCC. Vocations are in decline everywhere, and married priests and nuns, obviously, are in the Vatican, Inc's cards. They have no choice. When priests and nuns finally are allowed to marry, an enormous chunk of the RCC's authoritarianism will be extirpated. In Italy, priests are being imported from Africa to fill the empty posts of dead parish priests and pastors. Thousands of racist Italians have turned their backs to the RCC because they refuse to receive communion from those “nigger priests.” God acts in strange ways.


My brother, who is a diocesan priest in one of Vatican, Inc's richest dioceses, New York, has confided in me that for him the most serious difficulty with the priesthood is the incredible excessiveness of alcohol addiction. The five priests in Cathedral Preparatory, Brooklyn, New York and St. Bonaventure University in upstate New York, who made failed pedophilic advances towards me, all possessed Irish surnames. And we all are well aware of how the Irish like to bend their elbows! So, mothers, if you are letting your children attend catechism classes (Is that still done?), look out for drunken Irish-Catholic priests who might be pedophiles! And personally I must here today say that the nicest thing that I can utter about those five diocesan and Franciscan priests is that they are all dead—I presume. God acts in strange ways.


In my extensive readings over the years, I have observed that the total human population consists of from 10% to 20% of somebodies who prefer to experience amorous engagement with members of the same sex. Why would the RCC wish to exclude these mortals from taking part in its ecclesiastical functions? Better still, why did the RCC burn them at the stake in bygone times? Why should they be called sinners? Why should they be defined as possessing severe psychological abnormalities? Why does the RCC permit sexual activeness among priests and nuns desiring affection from members of the same sex, then call it a sin for those lay associates of the RCC who crave the same affection? Is this some kind of joke? God acts in strange ways.


Let us reflect upon three of the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not kill, and Thou shalt not covet your neighbor's wife. Do you know someone who does not steal? Think of your bankers. Think of the DisUnited States' prison system overcrowded with people who stole perhaps to survive. Think of the corruption in Southern Europe. Do you know some ones who do not kill? Think of the 200,000,000 combatants and non-combatants slaughtered in the two World Wars during the 20th century. (Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini were baptized Roman Catholics. Stalin studied to be a priest. Was he a victim of pedophilia? Did some daffy Jesuit teach him to say: “The death of one person is a Tragedy; the death of millions is History.”) Think of the bomb blast victims you see every day on the news. Think of the millions dying of starvation under our noses every day. Do you know someone who does not covet his neighbor's wife? Think of Hollywood. Think of the divorce rate. Think that you wouldn't enter a business deal that promised you only a 50% chance of success, but you would marry someone against the same odds. The RCC offers you the Pauline “You pay through the nose” Privilege which will annul your failed marriage so that you might once again remarry in the RCC. This “privilege” was once the prerogative of rich Americans and mafia chieftans who could afford it, but today, as things go badly for the economy of the RCC, you should be able to cut yourself a good deal and make your new wife holy happy.

It is as if in saying “Thou shalt not...” people have translated that to mean “Thou shalt....” Is this some kind of subliminal trick? Would there be less stealing, killing and coveting if the commandments read: “Thou shalt steal, Thou shalt kill, and Thou shalt covet?” Recently, the Pope announced that he was dismayed that convents in Italy have been being converted into hotels, gyms, restaurants, and alia.

The Pope did not proclaim: “Thou shalt convert convents into hotels, gyms, restaurants, and alia.” No! He promulgated that “Thou shalt not!” Anyone with a brain in his or her head will surmise that the Archbishop of Napoli would foam at the mouth if some of his condemned churches were razed to the ground and hamburger joints and finger-licking-good chicken emporia were erected in their places. God acts in strange ways.


This drumbeating rhetoric of Jesuitical modesty that serves to manipulate the minds of uneducated people and educated ones who desire to be duped, is a bunco game that has been bleating off for centuries, and finally, is now beginning to suffocate on its own regurgitation. Will we read in the history books of the future that Western Civilization was not sufficiently brawny to ward off the assault of religion bent on inculcating itself into politics, or will we learn that Western Civilization's staying power was such that it was capable of conserving its cherished principles of democracy thus rebuffing the threats of religious and political despotism?

Authored by Anthony St. John

1 October MMXIII

Calenzano, Italy

* * *

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