Some of you may know that my stepdad has dementia, fell and broke his hip, can't walk or stand up, and can now barely talk. He's hard to understand but has said he is going downhill very fast. This is true and also why I have his papers and things now. This is what brought me to this discussion.

   My mother has been dead now for over 6 years and in going through dad's stuff I found a book in remembrance of her. That's what the book said anyway. It had her name, birth and death date, and was a half inch thick. Inside is nothing but religious pictures and verses one right after the other. I know we were Pentecostal and they were very religious, but none of this helps me remember my mother. In fact, I don't recall mom saying any of the things in these verses unless it was tied to a sermon at church recently. It draws a big blank with me. What did my mother have to do with it?

   Browsing info on relatives that dad had collected over the years I found a card from the funeral of my dead cousin Steve. The front side plainly has Jesus knocking at a door. Anybody who was ever religious has seen that picture. The back of the card has Steve's name, birth and death dates and then the 23rd Psalm. Am I to read this and believe everything is in god's hands and it's all OK? Back to the front side and Jesus stands at the door and knocks. How do I open that door if I'm dead? Oh, now I got it. You better get right with god before this happens to you.

   Both cases here have too much about an invisible god and little or nothing about the person who has passed and has no life any longer. It's not about your loved one. Religion is advertising. They are playing upon your fears and advertising themselves. Instead this should all be a celebration of the life of the deceased. It isn't about that at all. It's about fear. Fear of god and fear of death.

   That brings me to a point as I watched a scary movie. The frightened person prayed. "Now I lay me down to sleep." Most of us know the rest. It's a children's bedtime prayer from the 18th century. It's astounding how afraid we are. We think we have a soul rather than the fact that we are a soul. If we die in our sleep we want to have our invisible god take that soul. (Just imagine all of the horror that was taught if he didn't) We are taught to be very upset at the idea of that because of god's buddy the devil. How do any of the religious have any peace?

   As for me, if I die in my sleep then I will never know it. Hey, not a bad way to go.

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Agreed.....but I'm kinda prejudiced.....hahaha....

You have a right to be prejudiced, your in-laws sound far more respectful and loving than some. 

They were. It was them who taught me to hug, & be hugged. Never got that as I grew up. They also accepted me without reservation.

That is the greatest feeling in the world, especially if you didn't learn that in your parents' house. 

Self-righteous, holier than thou, you're going to hell, I'm not...........

Yeah, pretty pathetic.

Yes, it's all about saving yourself and trying to explain why Jesus died. His death had to mean something. If you accept that he died for you then you won't have to die. Well, maybe once but not after that. This is sooo important. Why is that so? God knows everything in advance so I simply do not understand it. The fact that the biblical god does know in advance negates everything.

What are we being saved from? If god knows who is saved and endures to the end and knows it in advance what is the urgency we are acting upon? What value would it possibly have?

I always wondered if it was ''saved'' from, or ''saved'' for. All silly to me.

If you are "saved for" it might mean that god needs all the people he can get for hell coz he likes the smell of roasted meat. That was the Old Testament but I doubt he has really changed. The book itself says he never changes.

I thought the hell that bible-thumpers preach was a Christian, New Testament invention. But that's a minor quibble.

The book says the god never changes... except when he does! It needed a better editor, starting with two conflicting stories in the very first two chapters.

Yeah, all silly nonsense.

I still like Dr. Kellie's method of letting bible-thumpers self-select themselves away from bothering you:

Just now, I was in my kitchen ... when I looked out the large window above my sink.  Two men were approaching with bibles in hand.  Then, I realized they saw me.  We made eye contact and I gave them a big smile.  They stopped dead in their tracks and looked down, then slowly turned and walked away.  I can only assume this is because I was not wearing a shirt, or a bra.  Perhaps from this point on I will be answering the door shirtless.  Should give the mormon boys something to talk about.

"what boobs are good for" -- lots of discussion there, by folks with and without the relevant anatomy.




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