I like to ridicule the way religious people look to the Bible for morality (selectively, of course: modern people don't kill their children for disrespect or execute their neighbors for violating the Sabbath, as prescribed in the Old Testament) -- but when they get sick, they don't turn to these ancient scribblings for medical advice.  At least, that's what I thought.

But then I saw this: http://www.healthrevelations.net/Encode/2014/NHE-Lifetime-Pre/?pco=...

It contains many of the fallacies and canards about Western, science-based medicine.  E.g., Big Pharma won't invest in "natural" cures because they're not profitable (countless drugs are derived from natural substances).  "Natural"remedies work better, without side-effects (where's the clinical data?).  Anecdotal data -- even one person's recovery -- is just as good as clinical studies (the word "miracle" is used liberally).  Old remedies are better because they're old. 

But here's a new level of idiocy: these medical secrets that doctors don't want you to know were known to the Bible writers and ENCODED for us to discover. So yes, the Bible does have medical wisdom for us!!

GAERS! (gagging and eye-rolling simultaneously).  The grabber at the top is "I'd love to see an atheist try to explain this."  OK, I'll explain: some people are so unenlightened that they accept the triple fallacy of (i) the superiority of traditional remedies; (ii) the Bible contains medical wisdom, but (iii) it has to be encoded, with a ton of inference (e.g., Jesus' Crown of Thorns was actually a plant with medicinal powers).

More proof of what Einstein is supposed to have said: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." 


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Indeed, where is the clinical data?  Where are the controls and double-blind studies???  I think we all know the answer to all of the above:

Nowhere to be found.

Jesus H. Christ!

Thanks to all commentators.  As a linguist, I find the idea of the ancients' deliberately, purposefully -- and quite sophisticatedly -- encoding medical advice to be fanciful to the point of psychotic.

Stay away from these quacks! Far away.

During my younger days as a theist I heard of cures secretly embeded in the Bible all the time. People even talked of certain men or ministers who "knew the secret" and knew how to read them. This also meant that they knew how to pray them as well. Pure nonsense!

I have a father in law, now long dead, that was said to be able to pray and stop blood from flowing. He was once a minister also, and I bet he was very handy around a hospital. (smile.)

The more mystery they can spin (HOW do we know the codes are deliberate?), the stronger their grip on the weak-minded.  Thanks for info - I'm not surprised to learn that embedded cures are nothing new.

The actor Steve McQueen sought unconventional treatments for cancer in Mexico including the supposed miracle drug Laetrile. His cancer was incurable, but the treatments probably hastened his death.

Laetrile has been banned by the Food and Drug administration, but is legal in a majority of states. Repeated controlled tests have shown conclusively that it is not effective in the treatment of cancer, but it is still touted as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, and surgery. The claim is that a conspiracy of drug companies, the Food and Drug administration, and doctors keep this miracle drug from being used to save the lives of millions.

If only the Laetrile advocates had thought to sell it through the Bible, they might have done better. The nice thing about Biblical remedies is that they are taken up by the fundamentalists and help in reducing their numbers.

Hey, I love your last point! ;) Let Muslims kill Muslims, and Allah can sort it out.

Article in recent issue of Skeptic magazine notes that religious belief, belief in "alternative" therapies (really, there are only therapies that work and those that don't), and the nexus of the two (faith healing, laying on of hands, encoded Bible cures) -- all are linked to a sub-clinical dissociative state, in which one doesn't examine things too closely.

Steve Jobs' cancer was initially operable, but he wasted too much time on pointless treatments and diets and resisted having his precious body cut open.. 

In fact, Alan, Jobs did it all that way because he had said "I don't want my body to be cut open." His preference and his body but my question is simple. How many cures have you seen along this line without the body being cut open?

I thought he had a liver transplant—how did they go in?

Eventually he did acquiesce to surgery -- but maybe too late.


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