I like to ridicule the way religious people look to the Bible for morality (selectively, of course: modern people don't kill their children for disrespect or execute their neighbors for violating the Sabbath, as prescribed in the Old Testament) -- but when they get sick, they don't turn to these ancient scribblings for medical advice.  At least, that's what I thought.

But then I saw this: http://www.healthrevelations.net/Encode/2014/NHE-Lifetime-Pre/?pco=...

It contains many of the fallacies and canards about Western, science-based medicine.  E.g., Big Pharma won't invest in "natural" cures because they're not profitable (countless drugs are derived from natural substances).  "Natural"remedies work better, without side-effects (where's the clinical data?).  Anecdotal data -- even one person's recovery -- is just as good as clinical studies (the word "miracle" is used liberally).  Old remedies are better because they're old. 

But here's a new level of idiocy: these medical secrets that doctors don't want you to know were known to the Bible writers and ENCODED for us to discover. So yes, the Bible does have medical wisdom for us!!

GAERS! (gagging and eye-rolling simultaneously).  The grabber at the top is "I'd love to see an atheist try to explain this."  OK, I'll explain: some people are so unenlightened that they accept the triple fallacy of (i) the superiority of traditional remedies; (ii) the Bible contains medical wisdom, but (iii) it has to be encoded, with a ton of inference (e.g., Jesus' Crown of Thorns was actually a plant with medicinal powers).

More proof of what Einstein is supposed to have said: "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." 


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I had an extremely healthy colleague who died of it. He was a trainer and did much good by getting lazy faculty members into shape, but he was no match for pancreatic cancer and was gone in a few months.

Jobs apparently had a very rare kind that would have been treatable if he had undergone the recommended regime.

Thanks to all for the elucidation.  There isn't much about this in Isaacson's book.   The truth remains elusive, except that (i) Jobs probably contributed to his own demise, and (ii) nobody coded anything into the Bible. Gimme a break!  These people were barely literate.

One more thought: correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't Apple's devices notoriously difficult to open up, and isn't Apple's eco-system similarly closed?  Perhaps a refection of the founder's need to be inviolate?

If a relatively inexpensive natural substance were truly so amazingly effective (as well as safe), the insurance companies would be insisting on it being the therapy of choice!

You more of a Spin Blend guy, Pat?!?  [grin!]

Salad dressing (as in vinaigrette, French, Thousand Island, etc.) and mayonnaise are two completely different things, and that's my sincerely held belief!

Fortunately, civilized people know the difference between "you're going straight to hell for that!" and "no, thank you."

I'm sure there is an MW or salad dressing cure in the Bible. The problem is, it won't work today because back then they used an entire different formula.

I like that "anoint them with oil" before you pray for them gig. That sounds like a cooking recipe.

I agree that "miracle" is one of the most promiscuously used words in the language.  And, as Maher points out, the "miracle" bar is pretty low. 

Patricia, the believers, I'm sure, have an explanation for disease --more than one, all of them nuts.  Suffering is good, God never gives us more than we can handle..., It's all part of the mysterious Plan, and similar magical bromides.

I want God's PR staff for myself... have billions of people believing I can do no wrong, and should be credited with everything that's good about the world. Previous "Teflon presidents" would have nothing on me! :)

This site gives a good rundown on the "Matthew 4 Protocol" scam.

It gives 10 indications of it being a scam.


If you look at the fallacies, then there are many more indications.




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