Just wondering....   more than 30,000 members.  At most, I am guessing 20 or 30 or so post discussions or get involved in discussion.  Not that I keep track.

That's the size of a mega-church.  Sorry for the analogy.  It's about the size of the town where I grew up.  Also not a good analogy, that town was a sorry excuse for an over-sized septic tank.    Let's just say it's a lot of people.

Anyway, I wonder what happens for the folks who sign on and don't post.  I hope this site is useful for them.  I suppose if 30,000 people were all posting and discussing it would be kind of overwhelming.  Maybe page-views generate some funding for the site?

I also wonder about people who used to be very active, then....   poof!  vanished!  There are a bunch of them.  Did they get bored?  Found Jesus?  Get busy and no longer had time?  Found peace with being atheist, the need was met, move on?

Just speculating.  I sometimes welcome new members hoping to inspire involvement, and others do a lot more of that than I do.

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Oh, yes.  I do occasionally talk to a neighbor, and briefly to the store cashiers.  

A couple of weeks ago, a new family with one small child moved in next door and they started waving at me right away.  Being a suspicious sort, I'm a little concerned that means they are religious and are trying to set me up to preach to me.

I've only talked to him one time briefly as he was going to work, just to ask him how early I could roto-till my garden area on the side of the my house that's close to his house without bothering anyone.

Hoping my fears of them being religious are unjustified and they are just more outgoing than I am.

The neighbors on the other side of me are not very talkative, and as I'm not very social, I very seldom talk to her, and talk to him about once every other week.  

One Sunday he said he had to go because his wife wanted for him to go to church with her.  Sounds like he's not religious, but was just going for the sake of getting along with her.  Other than that, they've not talked to me about religion and probably never will.

Some cats live close to me also. I'm not sure if they are Catholic.

I would guess they're not Catholic, as cats seem to rebel at getting baptized, even if it's just sprinkling.


Funny Michael. Maybe you can turn the cats into atheist . Or, at least, agnostics.

I just returned from a session with my dental hygienist.  She's works in a dental office that is connected with the University, so she's not under pressure to get through as many patients as possible.  She's also a fast worker.  So, it all means we can spend a few minutes talking about gardening and other non-tooth related subjects.  Nice.

Yes, at first I talked about religion on AN quite a bit, but now I mostly enjoy just talking gardening and a little about food.

I've been keeping-up with most of the problems the regulars have, like cancer, but I don't respond much because I hardly ever know what to say other than sorry.  

Spud, as one who talked about my cancer and the processes that I encountered, I did not need words of wisdom or any instructions. I had outstanding doctors and technicians who did their very best to keep me informed and offer me options and the consequences of each. They gave me research citations and I know all I could know about cancer. 

What I needed, and you provided, was a place where I could describe my feelings, fears, anger, pain, and then wipe myself off and get on with the day. Knowing you and others were reading and supporting me, I felt nurtured. I had only one deep depression and that was handled quickly and have none of that challenge since. 

I just want you to know that I am grateful for you and those who participated with me. I was not alone for a minute. Your care and kindness came through to me and I am fully recovered. Thanks, dear friend. 

That means I have no face-face conversations with anyone except my brief visits to my dental hygienist, my doctors, and a few people that pass my garden and comment on it.

Yikes!  I guess you are at sea in a roaring ocean of religious people and woo-spewers then. 

Image of a woo-spewer as a whale in your ocean, that surfaces and blows water ...

"Yikes!  I guess you are at sea in a roaring ocean of religious people and woo-spewers then."

Wow, what a dramatic and humorous image!  And, I think it's close to correct.

Thank you for that image.



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