Just wondering....   more than 30,000 members.  At most, I am guessing 20 or 30 or so post discussions or get involved in discussion.  Not that I keep track.

That's the size of a mega-church.  Sorry for the analogy.  It's about the size of the town where I grew up.  Also not a good analogy, that town was a sorry excuse for an over-sized septic tank.    Let's just say it's a lot of people.

Anyway, I wonder what happens for the folks who sign on and don't post.  I hope this site is useful for them.  I suppose if 30,000 people were all posting and discussing it would be kind of overwhelming.  Maybe page-views generate some funding for the site?

I also wonder about people who used to be very active, then....   poof!  vanished!  There are a bunch of them.  Did they get bored?  Found Jesus?  Get busy and no longer had time?  Found peace with being atheist, the need was met, move on?

Just speculating.  I sometimes welcome new members hoping to inspire involvement, and others do a lot more of that than I do.

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I just returned from a session with my dental hygienist.  She's works in a dental office that is connected with the University, so she's not under pressure to get through as many patients as possible.  She's also a fast worker.  So, it all means we can spend a few minutes talking about gardening and other non-tooth related subjects.  Nice.

Yes, at first I talked about religion on AN quite a bit, but now I mostly enjoy just talking gardening and a little about food.

I've been keeping-up with most of the problems the regulars have, like cancer, but I don't respond much because I hardly ever know what to say other than sorry.  

Spud, as one who talked about my cancer and the processes that I encountered, I did not need words of wisdom or any instructions. I had outstanding doctors and technicians who did their very best to keep me informed and offer me options and the consequences of each. They gave me research citations and I know all I could know about cancer. 

What I needed, and you provided, was a place where I could describe my feelings, fears, anger, pain, and then wipe myself off and get on with the day. Knowing you and others were reading and supporting me, I felt nurtured. I had only one deep depression and that was handled quickly and have none of that challenge since. 

I just want you to know that I am grateful for you and those who participated with me. I was not alone for a minute. Your care and kindness came through to me and I am fully recovered. Thanks, dear friend. 

That means I have no face-face conversations with anyone except my brief visits to my dental hygienist, my doctors, and a few people that pass my garden and comment on it.

Yikes!  I guess you are at sea in a roaring ocean of religious people and woo-spewers then. 

Image of a woo-spewer as a whale in your ocean, that surfaces and blows water ...

"Yikes!  I guess you are at sea in a roaring ocean of religious people and woo-spewers then."

Wow, what a dramatic and humorous image!  And, I think it's close to correct.

Thank you for that image.

I'm kind of hermit-y too.  :)

I'm a hermit-y kind of a guy, and like it also.  However, I would like at least one physical friend to talk with and do things with.  Several would be OK, but one would be enough for me.

I think that's how I ended up a theist. As a very young man my friend was Casper the Friendly Ghost. It was so neat that I was the only one who could see him. Just change the names around a little bit and you have an insight to understanding the religious idiot down the street.

I love my partner and am so grateful.... but so wish there was that friend who I feel like we swim in the same waters.... Maybe thats part of being here, as a group, Nexus is a good friend. I mean that in the best way.
Your friend sounds like me Booklover. Especially the swearing. I'm not sure why I do it or when I started. I've been working on breaking myself of it. It isn't necessary and I frown on it from men and younger people.

I'm told that Hillary Clinton swears to the extreme, so I wouldn't worry about it. This is only an issue when it becomes an embarassment.



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