More things in heaven and earth - Lawrence Krauss - a Universe from Nothing

Thanks to Glenn Sogge for pointing me to this.

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Just watched this at 6:56 in the morning. Totally worth the lack of sleep :). Thank's for posting it. I loved it.

It made me feel utterly insignificant and humble....
Funny - I get you saying both these things. I'm always relieved by being made to feel insignificant - because then my troubles are even smaller than that!
Hehe, like seeing the vastness of the universe and thinking, Oh, thank goodness!
Wow, I totally enjoyed this. I still have trouble with infinity though, lol.
I can never quite get there either ... ;^)
That just blew my socks off!! Great stuff.
It's called "Beyond Belief" and it's very cool indeed. Not all of the speakers had such a high entertainment factor as Lawrence Krauss did. Watch it! It's awesome!




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