I previously suggested we start using the term "god-myth" instead of god whenever the occasion arises.

I am  now adding to this list the suggestion that we use the term "religious totalitarianism" instead of either "religion" or "religious" because that is what we are up against in our fight to save the Enlightenment.  Yes, it is a mouthful but it really describes their intent accurately and avoids using dirty words.  It also hits them right between the eyes where they need to be hit.  We have to remind them continually that they are trying to disable the secular democratic protections against tyranny that our founders gave us.

It becomes a war of social pressure between them and us, which we have to fight if we want to save our system. 

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Speaking of religious totalitarianism, the charming and articulate Godless in Dixie blogger Neil Carter has written an excellent essay titled Why Ted Cruz is Far Worse than Donald Trump . It's not like most of us here need to be convinced of that contention, but he very aptly covers all the bases and provides a lot of pertinent information on the chilling ideology and vile intentions of dominionism. Here's his conclusion:

Anyone who learns to think by reading the Old Testament is a dangerous person in my book. One has to compartmentalize his own moral senses, cauterizing his own feelings into rigid categories which run roughshod over human beings as we find them in real life today. While the rest of us are over here, trying to nudge American life into the 21st century, Ted Cruz is trying to party like it’s 1999 B.C. He’s not even trying to get us back to the days of New Testament Christianity. He’s leading a death march right back into the Late Bronze Age.
I cannot imagine this produces a psychologically healthy human being, and I cannot foresee anything good coming from putting a man like that in charge of the lives of millions of people. It’s certainly not commensurate with the American idea that I was taught to believe in, even though I was raised in a conservative environment.
Ted Cruz is a much more worrisome candidate to me than “the thrice married owner of casinos with strip clubs.” Trump worries me because we have no idea what he would actually DO as a president of the United States. Cruz worries me more because we know exactly what we can expect, and it ain’t pretty.

my feeling exactly - the man is very dangerous

Bertold, thank you for this insightful, articulate piece by Neil Carter,  Why Ted Cruz is Far Worse than Donald Trump. Carter spells out the meaning of dominionism, held by too many people who believe the USA is somehow exceptional and entitled to dictate morals and ethics for all. 

Beautifully put.  Thanks for sharing.

"Religious totalitarianism" doesn't cut it for me, even though most contemporary religions are Dominator/Hierarchical. It's too close to name calling, and thus uncivil. God-myth, by comparison, is neutral, an impartial description for those of us outside the myth. Myths can be value neutral.

I'm with Ruth on this.

Name calling does provide some emotional relief, but emotional relief often delays the required political action.

I wouldn't classify totalitarianism as name calling.

I do not, either!

Dave Silverman makes a big point about this.  Being uncivil or rude shouldn't stop us from being honest with religionists. As far as I can tell totalitarianism aptly describes their culture and we shouldn't be afraid to say it honestly and frankly.

Eric, to uncivil or rude religionists I usually say religion is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humankind.

Defining totalitarianism (autocratic rule, a religion-like belief in a future condition, and severe penalties for dissenters) requires more energy than I want to invest in a reply to such people.

Ditto for pronouncing totalitarianism's eight syllables.

"religion is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on humankind."

Tom, I agree and it does not take very much effort to find the reality of that statement as being true. 

How about "religious daydreaming?" This view leaves it open to the particular religion in general as to what their dreams are about. It is valid also because the desired god-applied government and totalitarian system is a future reality and not realized at this time. What the religion wants is a myth that has not been achieved but they want us to view things as if the final goal was a present reality.




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