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     Relatively new to this site and looking forward to some interesting discussions, one discussion that came to mind was yesterday i had gone to see Gladys Knight at a Stake (Big Church). In all honesty, the performance was AWESOME 9/10!

and of course their were the small intermission talks in between the performance. some on which were comical and others I was on the edge of my seat wondering if a riot was to stir up on some controversial topics (who Joseph Smith is ETC). One particular speaker came to mind, a man in a black suit and blue tie was discussing of a very common story that we know about Jesus and his crucifixion, while many knew and praised him as the messiah they still condemned him to death.

ok so we all know this story as it is told to many people today. however this story became much more intense when this man had paused....dead silent......my heart started to race....and a tear filled my eye....he had let a rivulet fall and in a whimpering voice said "don't throw stones at our prophet, like those who did to Jesus". how beautiful!


ah no, I began to deduct my reasoning. I looked around the room at this heighten state of mind and saw many people whom never been in a LDS church before have a look of uneasiness, clearly they too felt something as well. Most were not familiar with this feeling and thus will lead many to conclude that the LDS church must be the true denomination.

the talk continued with some comfort.

i began to think to myself that I too would be following what many had done that night by filling out slips for a free copy of the BOM had I been a Theist. and then It hit me.

their was no logical reasoning behind a lot of these people's actions. but purely on Feeling or Emotions.

it seemed to be slightly strange that a public speaker could continue a talk while having a experience of being touched by God's True Spirit as he did at the podium, unless he's been touched a lot and is quite desensitized by it, which would only mean god's pure spirit is still subjective to human neurology.

I began to rewind the process over in my head only to feel the holy spirit once again touching me every time. then I realized, this isnt a mystical event from the other side. its an Art!

the process follows:

 1- obtain everyone's attention- all eyes focused on you, while laminating open body language (shows confidence as a speaker)

2- at the message of your statement create a long slowly progressive silence- this creates a slight awkward vibe and lots of tension which allows the audience to create conclusions about what emotions they are feeling and why they are feeling them. (of course the logical conclusion is because the speaker isn't speaking while there is a room full of people looking to the speaker to lead the conversation) 

3- express the emotions that you are currently feeling visually and audibly. these two senses rely heavily on humans and with all the tension going on we will naturally be looking for a answer towards this feeling everyone in the room will have, which is of course LDS favorite Sentimentality. (I'd love to see this emotion be anger, it would be hysterical)

4- use allegory to supress guilt for blasphamy of the holy spirit (opps, I'm going to hell err Spirit Prison)

5 - continue your talk about xyz and don't forget to remind your audience to fill out those slips with their home address for your missionaries to knock on their doors.

 clearly someone has understood the power of charisma and social psychology and is using it to lure in 100's to 1000's of people to experience it believing that they are going god's work to bring forth his kingdom of Zion. (sound familiar Hitler?)

I applaud the man for this act to perfect this Art since it is not easy to do, but raise my middle finger for misguiding a lot of people to believe they are going to watch something, only to have to sit through something else for the sake of conversion.

in short, religion is entirely based on Emotions and feelings, and this is the core of it all. Im fansinated by it actually because Religion gets down to the nature of humanity on a sole blind leap of faith that what we feel must make it true. This goes the same with love whom i share with my wonderful Girlfriend currently and thank for a wonderful evening last night.

only diffrence is my Girlfriend is physically here. and as George Carlin said, its helps to believe in something if i can physcially see it  lol

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Wow, thanks for your insights, and welcome to AN!
In the end, rhetoric without evidence mixed in it is still just rhetoric :P
LOVE the username!

i agree, and i look forward to incorporating more insights here since after all religion is in part human nature.


Currently firing up my PW one more time =)




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