And I thought alcohol was prohibited to Mormons. Oh yes, if you are Christian (or Republican) then you are already forgiven. From the BBC (this is world news):

A US senator has pleaded guilty to drink-driving, at a court in the state of Virginia and has had his driver's licence suspended for one year.

Michael Crapo, a Mormon, must also pay a $250 fine (£156) and take an alcohol safety course.

The Republican from Idaho said he had "several, probably two to three" vodka tonics in his flat in Washington, DC before deciding to go for a drive.

Police stopped him when he drove through a red light.

The authorities registered blood-alcohol levels of 0.11% after his arrest in the Washington suburb of Alexandria.

The legal limit for blood-alcohol levels is 0.08%.

"I am grateful, truly grateful, that no-one was injured," Sen Crapo said, as he asked for forgiveness from his constituents.

He added that he had tasted alcohol for the first time about a year ago, and had started drinking several nights a week to relieve stress.

"I was already thinking in my own mind that this had to end," he told reporters.

"I believe in my heart that I had already recognised that I was on a bad path and I needed to find a different path to follow."

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yep.. those fundy's.. always thinking they're above the law~

Virginia and DC are such lonely places.  And so full of hedonistic temptation.  Even the most virtuous are tempted in such dens of sin.

Two to three vodka tonics my aching ass!  Try six to seven over three hours. Here's a puzzler. Why do you have to take two Mormons fishing with you? If you only take one, he drinks all your beer.

And if that part of his "apology" is a lie, why believe any of the rest of it?

Maybe it's Senator Crapo's funny name. We wrote him (and all the senators) during our fight here to save our post office.

Perhaps he gets teased about his name, and it drove him to drink?


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