Hundreds of gay and Lesbian couples have flocked to the county offices in Utah and are now married.  Who knew that Utah was such a gay Mecca?


Trestin Meacham

I could not get the video to embed, so here it is


Rachel Maddow has fun with the incompetent Utah Attorney General's office, whose screw-ups led to gay marriage in Utah, at least for the moment.

Meecham may have to go without food for a while.


Meanwhile, the govt of Utah / new Atty general Sean Reyes, iswilling to spend $2million to protect Utahns against swarms of married gay couples. " "We're willing to spend whatever it takes to protect the laws and the will of the people," he said. "We don't know the exact price tag, but that's part of the process of evaluating and engaging outside counsel."


No word about whether the Utah Atty General will also be on a hunger strike. Problem with fasting as a weight loss strategy, is when the fast ends the appetite is incredible, and weight piles back on again, often more than before the fast.


All because, "Freedom of Religion"?


As to whether the Supreme Court will issue a stay on additional same sex marriages, that's now up to Justice Sotomayor.

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