An ER nurse and I were taking a break outside our ER whe a couple of youg guys dresses in black rode their bike up to us and started benign converstion. I asked them if they were secret service agents in training. They smiled and asked if the ER let people off to go to church on Sunday. I asked, why would they? Just another day for us and people get sick on sunday too. Then they STARTED on god etc. To make a very long story VERY short, we dicussed creation vs evolution. The couldn’t get their heads wrapped around that I didn’t believe in a creator. I simply told them he isn’t very good at what he does. Just look in our ER right now. I said “he fucked up big time”.
The final blow I landed on them was when they asked why I wan’t concerned about where I’m going when I die. I said “in the ground and with no heaven or hell to worry about, there is no fear and no guilt. What a peaceful life”. Then I told them to get lost. When we went inside, the nurse told everybody that those two morons had walked into a buzz saw when they started with me. They all laughed and I felt invigorated :-).

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You did good, Charles. They may be haunted by your logic for the rest of their lives.
one can only hope!
Let ER staff off on Sunday to go to church? What are the people supposed to do in the meantime, take care of their own medical emergencies? "Gee, sorry sir but you'll have to extract that bullet yourself. All of our staff are at church."

Do they realize how ridiculous they sound when they ask questions like that? They don't seem to realize that the world can't come to a grinding halt for people to sit in a room listening to fairy tales for an hour, then talk to their hands and hope their imaginary friend grants their wishes.

I think you did fine putting them in their places. No doubt they think you were a mean god-hater but they really needed a reality check.
Good for you. Even though believing in god and an afterlife is illogical I would hope that some of your logic would rub off on them.




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