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Just think - they have probably prayed all of our ancestors into their 'church'...bleh
You are probably correct - they would polite you to death :-)
I dont know why everyone thinks mormons are so nice, growing up in a small utah town I really felt like an outsider, the majority of them arent tolerant of other peoples beliefs to the point where I wasnt allowed to play with their children because I didnt belong to their ward. I was six years old! Fuck em!
Mormons that I encountered when I was young was that while they were not the worst of the lot, they were hardly the nicest. And that was without any religious discussions with them.
Quite a few years ago, when I was living in the Boston area they were building a new super special temple. It took forever to get built because they were fighting local ordinances regarding building heights (suburban), they wanted a variance so they could have the tallest steeple/cross thingy to be seen by the highway (not relevant but thought I'd mention it). Anyway, they actually opened up the doors to the public to view the temple before it was officially opened. I couldn't have cared less at the time but now I really regret not getting a glimpse into that world.
You know the very fact that it is off limits to us makes it even more tempting.
They once knocked at my door. My ex-JW boyfriend talked them down and they fled. Those two groups together...


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