Salt Lake City sold a portion of a public street to the Mormon church so that they could prohibit protests and even, in one case, to prohibit gay couples from kissing or holding hands in front of their temple. Now the city of Manti is looking at doing exactly the same thing.

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From what I've been able to gather of the issue, it seems that the road is a dead-ender that doesn't service anything but a couple LDS buildings. So, the city is trying to see if it can get the church to pay for the road's upkeep, instead.

The free speech argument seems a lot less strong here, since from what I've read, protesters could still protest at the entrance of the road, or at two or three other roads nearby that get the same traffic. So, the practical effect of selling the road wouldn't be to save the Mormons from ever hearing somebody disagree with them, it would probably only be to save the city a little bit of money.
If it wasn't for the history that they have of buying up public land in order to squash dissent, I'd agree.




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