Mormons! Great, another theocratic secret society scam ass religion coming to Davie Florida USA.

LOL, some comments on that url!
"I_HATE_ LOGGING_IN at 5:22 PM June 09, 2011

AMEN, flinfadel!  Why should these chuch shysters not have to pay taxes?  They contribute nothing to society other than hate.  What a scam religion is.  I would rather have a 14 acre strip club. "



irony; glen beck; eric 'mercenary king' prince aaaaand; who da fug else is mormon? the actors in the nyc play the mormons? dunno folks; seems like money is all that religion is these privatized to fubar days

"linktv, npr, secular system and walking in your community" or bust.

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I love that the Mormons worship someone called Moroni, it seems fitting for some reason I cant quiet place.


Well today is not wasted as I have now learnt something.




and oh so much more to learn... corporate dot connecting is all that's left to do imho

"It won't be ostentatious" and "only members in good standing will be allowed inside".

I think their god should be angry that it is "not ostentatious".  After all it is a monument to her.  Sounds like they are not living up to their worshipful obligation.  I wonder what "good standing" means exactly anyway.

any denomination nowdays can be traced back to old-world money; tax free money; they wanna keep it that way and call it class war? shit, shit upon shyte it's quite sad to see kids sat in front of mainstream news w/popcorn while their parents regress and lose their kids' minds... get that?

it's wrong what they're donig to their kids; yeah no one's perfect yet c'mon, hilter failed; dictators failed; fear mongering and godly myth based posturing is a failure; hello you had decades to prove your worth sky daddys' inc. worldwide; worldwide the crimes are still being committed in the name of some bs god... amazing how no one connects the god in corporate god LOL! sigh, music music music art smash hate.




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