headline says 'some' mormons.. ha.. the non romney esque regan metldowners...


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faith based cyber feudalism and woman/gay/atheist kid phobia.. wow try that one as a diet. vomit

From the linked article above:
“I don’t want to hurt the church,” Mr. Mattsson said. “I just want the truth.”

Sorry, pal, you can have one or the other, but not both.  If you really want to examine the basis of your faith, you'd better be prepared for some very hard facts ... like the fact that your founder was a convicted con-man, that his whole dodge about the plates and the seer stones goes over like a Led Zeppelin in 21st-century society, same as the BS concept of the Garden of Eden actually being in the Show Me State.  This crap is utterly LAUGHABLE ... and no one should be surprised when people who have their minds grounded in reality do indeed laugh at it.  As a finalist in the CFI Blasphemy Contest opined:

The reason religious beliefs need protection from ridicule is that they are ridiculous.
-- Michael Nugent, Ireland

As atheists there seems to be some arbitrary limit as to what we can do, as an outside force, to bring to light the absurdities of religion.  But it is particularity effective (and satisfying to me) to watch religion crumble apart from within. 

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free ... from religion.

From the article:

"When fellow believers in Sweden first began coming to him with information from the Internet that contradicted the church’s history and teachings, he dismissed it as “anti-Mormon propaganda,” the whisperings of Lucifer. He asked his superiors for help in responding to the members’ doubts, and when they seemed to only sidestep the questions, Mr. Mattsson began his own investigation." (My emphasis).

The Internet: Where Religions Come to Die. Thunderf00t

This is a perfect example of the quote: "The internet where religion comes to die"

The letters, where readers respond to the article, are interesting as well. Amazing the number of people who just paper over everything that doesn't fit their worldview. Quite a few cling to the idea that for every question, the church will eventually supply a satisfying answer. I suppose, if you're willing to put one more bend in that pretzel you call a brain.

As long as you can keep believers within an isolated environment surrounded  by others who share their faith, you can avoid this kind of disaster, but once they get out in the world and communicate with a broader audience, they are bound to have questions.

This is one of the reasons conservatives are so upset with universities, which they see as liberal bastions teaching students to question their faith and their upbringing by teaching them real history and science.

I agree with you, Loren. A Mormon once told me that Satan was Jeshua's brother! Then you have the American view of the 12 tribes, and revelations by that angel, Macaroni.

Oh, so that was the feather Yankee Doodle stuck in his head, right???

And Macaroni's spiritual brethren: the holy archangels Vermicelli, Cavatelli, Linguine, Fettucini, and Fusilli.

Just remember, we're not supposed to mention their twisted cousin - ROTINI!




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