Some atheist friends from Morocco made this video where they explain why they left Islam, and I added English subs to it.. this is one of the first shy attempts at coming out by atheists in the Islamic world, in a mostly intolerant society.. but in recent years it seems that atheism has been increasing in magnitude, just as it is in the rest of the world.. :)

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Frankly, I'm impressed.  That these guys are willing to come forward at all and express their rejection of islam if not embrace atheism completely is one hell of a radical action in an islamic state.  I also find it interesting that, much as we say that the best way to become an atheist is to read the bible, their path toward disbelief began with a close and critical examination of the religion they were born into.

And what I'm most intrigued about is the one young man's statement that he sees a day coming when the state itself will have to adapt to those who don't believe and are willing to be public about their disbelief.  Could it be that the Arab nations are getting ready to grow up and shuck off the yoke of islam?  Wow, wouldn't that be something!

Well, things are changing in the Islamic world in a positive direction, despite the strong expansion of fundamentalist Islam since the 80s of the previous century (right after Saudi Arabia discovered their oil).. you can check this article about atheism in Egypt as well, where the atheist movement is getting stronger as we speak:

I've been to Casablanca and didn't see anyone who looked like Errol Flynn.

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We need more x muslims in the movement.

To right.......and they shouldn't be put off by my 'Muslim Wanker' cartoon.




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