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Moses was a piker compared to his boss. "Da Boss" wiped out all of humanity (except for 6 people), before he gave them any rules or regulations to live by. For that matter, the Kim dynasty of North Korea is mild compared to that prick. 

I have three words for Moses and his tablets and Hay-sus and his fig tree trip, to wit:

Anger Management Classes.

With Yahweh as their god they didn't need the devil.

Mr. Martin, the Bible texts are only fragments about social events.
The one thing is behavior of Moses, and something quite different is the wrong effort of interpreters about meaning of the fragments.
In fact, Jehovah means the political oligarchy of Ahhiyawa people (Achaeans).
The Israel is the political expression for the re-establishment of satellite Arzawa states.

Achaeans not rescued slaves from Egypt that these then fell into a bacchanalia, but to create them as civilized associates.
If most of these slaves was wished primitive behavior, then should first be separated themselves from civilized part and not jeopardize their safety.

Right - that is a sick sick god - why worship that?

As long as there existed Acheans as the lords (masters), the Israelis have never had an unified position about viability (profitability) of working with them. Or they had a conflicts among themselves (as it is the specified conflict in this topic), or Israel have had the division of own states.
When Acheans were extinct,... the people was have interpreted the term Jehovah (Ahhiyawa) as a term for a supernatural God. In Judaic philosophy then is created the opinion that it is some god suitable for all Jews,
and more later other monotheists are then interpreted this term as the one god of all mankind.
By the way,
several times the one part of the Israelis was wanted to kill Moses and his followers. But not a single one of the parties is not looking at the other as "sick" but as the existential opponents, ie. as a war enemy.
It's just a question of who will stay in the life,... and who will not.




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