Moses High on Psychedelics When Decalogue Received from "God" (His Brain)

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I think it's Mormon trout that wear the underwear. The overalls are worn by the fundamentalist trout that handle water snakes.

Once again, I am in stitches.  Thanks.

Is there any historical/archeological evidence of such usage among Israelites?

Terence McKenna on Thinking Allowed with Jeffrey Mishlove

This is actually a very interesting topic. Perhaps you're aware of the Eleusinian mysteries, the ancient religious rites celebrated at Eleusis in honor of Demeter where it has been speculated that renown philosophers of the time gathered to share in the ritualistic consumption of a hallucinogenic drink. There is also "soma" in India which is also quite vague in its history and may be mixed up with this as well. I recommend the link if anyone else finds this topic interesting.

Terence McKenna is a real hero of mine.  He thought all substances should be legal and pointed to sugar, coffee, tea, white flour, and many other substances that are more deserving of prohibition.

Check out "THE ROAD TO ELEUSIS Unveiling the Secret of the Mysteries" by R. Gordon Wasson, Albert Hofmann, Carl A. P. Ruck, et al.

I think I have a copy of that one in my library.  No one has figured out what was actually in the kykeon.  These rites weren't called mysteries for nothing.  Hallucinogens were probably illegal in ancient Greece just as they are today.  The case made by the authors as I recall is that rye grain probably traveled at least as west as Greece and in any case, wherever cattle are introduced, psilocybe follows.  (We had a field on the edge of the city here where, I am told, one could simply park outside, climb over the fence, and pick to her heart's content.  Unfortunately, I never tried it myself.)  It would be interesting to know if the Eleusinian initiates hallucinated the same things at the same time, but this would not be critical in such a cultus: the ritual objects would focus the group mind on at least similar imagery. Hofmann, as you know, discovered LSD in a laboratory.  There was a brilliant TV documentary on Eleusis that played on PBS if I recall.  It contrasted what is left of ancient Athens with the modern -- those late night bouzouki parties in the Plaka, you know -- and bemoaned the fact that the Parthenon is often shrouded in smog.

Awesome. If I might make a few scholarly book suggestions on this topic?

"Soma: The Divine Mushroom of Immortality" by Gordon Wasson (1968)

"The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross" by John Allegro (1970)

"Persephone's Quest" by Wasson, Ruck, Ott, et al. (1992)

"Magic Mushrooms in Religion and Alchemy" by Clark Heinrich

There's more, lot's more -- but these ought to give anyone interested in this very plausible explanation plenty of FOOD for THOUGHT. :D


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