yesterday, tightrope walker Nik Wallenda risked his life by crossing the Grand Canyon without a safety net.  impressive feat, no doubt.  typically, such daredevil displays make for compelling TV.  however, yesterday's death walk was insufferable due to Wallenda's incessant invocations to Jesus.  

there were so many examples of his nattering across the 22+ minute walk:

"thank you Jesus!"

"you are my king!"

"Jesus make this wind die down"

"command it in your name Jesus."

"you are the father."

"you're a good God."

etc, etc, etc. 

he did everything but speak in tongues.  it was literally constant droning of vague epitaphs that made him sound like a snake handler.  all the different names he used for Jesus and God made it quite confusing, frankly, as it sounded like he worships dozens of Gods. 

suffice it to say, i found it quite annoying.  he might have made it across safely, but he sure sounded like a nut in the process.

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lol.  good point.  i failed to mention he once called Jesus or God "my sorcerer".  wtf does that mean?????

Many of the Wallenda's have died in high-wire accidents, including Karl Wallenda, who started it all and died in 1978 at age 73, so it's not at all clear they have had divine help—at least not consistently. They work without a net and it is the prospect of their falling that adds spice to their act.

This type of behavior has a genetic mark (production of the Mono Amine Oxidase protein) associated with an individual's level of risk aversion.  High levels of MAO tends toward a person that are very cautious and risk adverse , low key, shy, loner, often depressed.  At the other extreme are high risk takers, impulsive, engages in extreme sports - base jumping, wing suits, kayaking rivers in flood stage, free climbers and, certainly, risking quick death on a high wire walking over a friggin, 1500 ft deep canyon.  His brain chemistry put him on that cable,   Jeebus was out to lunch at the time.

Facebook God found him annoying as well.

I understand there was a serious divine debate to either protect the fool or slap his stupid ass into a 1500 ft nose dive.

i see no need for a God replacement.  you mentioned space, but atheists often pour themselves into nature, the arts, or whatever they're into.  why waste time on thinking about some Being that we already know isn't there?  i see no reason to use a higher power as a catalyst, and i'm surprised that any atheist would think along those lines.  

"I am sure there are many atheists or at least agnostics who reach to a higher power and create or do wonderful things."

really?  i've never met such an atheist.

"I hope atheists do find a way to replace God than shut down on inspiration or an Awe out-let."

am i somehow misinterpreting this comment?  

"As an atheist I can think along any lines I choose."

of course.  and as an atheist, i can say it's surprising that you hold some views that seem unusual to me.  perhaps you're something of an outlier in atheist thinking, or perhaps i'm misunderstand you, or perhaps i'm the outlier.  

anyone else care to opine?  

i could be wrong, but you sound confused.  you say "atheists don't need to reach it" (emphasis mine) as though it's even an option.  by rule, atheists have no need for any higher power.  so i'm not sure where you're coming from here.

i'm not trying to insult you, i'm just not familiar with this train of thought among non-believers.  


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