Sometimes people say things that are so dumb that you just need to share. What is the craziest, most ignorant, awful, etc. thing you have ever heard a theist or deist or anyone else say regarding religion?

I'll share first. Today I was talking with a Christian on Experience Project. They were asking me what I believed and whatnot, as Christians tend to do when they discover I am an atheist. I told her I believed the Bible was not true, and was demonstrably false. She asked for an example, so I started with the obvious: Genesis says the Earth is older than the sun, and every other celestial body in the universe. This is obviously false. Her response, "Well I won't argue with you but I believe that whatever the Bible says is true."

I thought maybe she was mistaken about what the Bible said, so to clarify I asked, "So you actually believe that the Earth, plant life, and the atmosphere are all older than the sun and all the other stars?"

Her response, "If the Bible says so then yes." 

At that point I just said okay and stopped the conversation. There is nothing that can be said to that level of irrational thinking. 

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Joe the Plumber tells this story about his past, where some youth minister opened his eyes about the controversy between science and religion. He said look at your textbook and tell me what you see. Young Joe replied "Earth Science Rev. 3" (or something like that). He says now look at your bible, do you see any revision in the title? He was implying that the bible is so goddamn perfect that it needs no revision. Apparently, they are both unaware that the Judeao Christian scriptures have been revised more times than there are words in the bible. They both need to read some of Bart Ehrman's books.

I'll second the Bart Ehrman books. 

Someone needs to learn the difference between "has been revised" and "needs to be revised."

The point is that if the bible were a text book, it would read something like "Holy Bible - Rev. 5,674,932". Does it still need to be revised? No, it needs to be shit canned altogether.

Well, yeah, I'm ignoring the couple thousand interpolations by later Christians with a theological axe to grind, because obviously the Christians are, as well.

If you really want some down home, in-your-face, brain dead, ignorant comments about religion and by theists, try Fundies Say the Darndest Things.

Oh wow...that is just painful. I can't do it. I can't read any more.

Thanks, Pat.

The Fundies who have been saying the end times are near had me worried, until one of those in FSTDT pointed out that I have about five million years.

“The sun shall be turned into darkness, ... before the coming of the great and awesome day of the LORD” (Acts 2:20 NKJV).

I don't have to get panicky yet.

You're welcome, Tom. I guess this means the second coming will be illuminated by batteries only - no solar power.

Actually, that's more like five Billion (with a "B") years before the sun burns out ... though this planet will become uninhabitable long before that happens because of changes in the sun's behavior, never mind what homo sapiens is doing to it!

Another problem  here with second coming is related to "rapture." It all happens  in the twinkling of an  eye. People all over the world are caught up or "missing" all at the same time. How is this possible? If people are caught up in America at 1 PM,  what about people in Australia, or even Russia with so many different time zones. Everyone could set around and watch the events on TV, being so excited that Jesus is leaving Australia and heading our way. WTF? What's going on here? For it to be possible at all it has to be an event that happens outside of time. An event outside of time does not happen. No problem for the christian. They just make it up.

What was really going on here when it was all written? The world was flat and nobody had any idea how big it was or how it functioned. A flat earth would have to same time everywhere all at once because time was the same everywhere.

"rapture." It all happens  in the twinkling of an  eye. People all over the world are caught up or "missing" all at the same time. How is this possible?... For it to be possible at all it has to be an event that happens outside of time.

Suppose the earth passes into a giant cosmic cloud of hallucinatory gas.  Then we all get "raptured" at the same time, no?


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