Sometimes people say things that are so dumb that you just need to share. What is the craziest, most ignorant, awful, etc. thing you have ever heard a theist or deist or anyone else say regarding religion?

I'll share first. Today I was talking with a Christian on Experience Project. They were asking me what I believed and whatnot, as Christians tend to do when they discover I am an atheist. I told her I believed the Bible was not true, and was demonstrably false. She asked for an example, so I started with the obvious: Genesis says the Earth is older than the sun, and every other celestial body in the universe. This is obviously false. Her response, "Well I won't argue with you but I believe that whatever the Bible says is true."

I thought maybe she was mistaken about what the Bible said, so to clarify I asked, "So you actually believe that the Earth, plant life, and the atmosphere are all older than the sun and all the other stars?"

Her response, "If the Bible says so then yes." 

At that point I just said okay and stopped the conversation. There is nothing that can be said to that level of irrational thinking. 

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Hmm, are we counting YouTube comments?  You can find vile and stupid statements of any flavor you would like, in those.

In person, most of what I've encountered is more of the creationist flavor, rather than the simply theistic/deistic.  Any of the most idiotic things you've ever heard from Kent or Eric Hovind, I've heard parroted by assorted believers.  I seem to trigger a lot of religious discussions, while out and about.

The big one that's jumping out at me right now, as I try to remember a few, is the classic, "If humans came from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys?"  Some people use that statement for something other than mocking creationists, apparently.

If mankind was created from the ground, why is there still dirt?

Some people just don't understand that monkey argument do they?

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.  I'm not so sure that the dirt argument will be convincing to Christians, but I like it.

The monkey bit comes from a very flawed understanding of evolution.  Strangely, most creationists have never had any real education in evolutionary theory, except for the bullshit versions described by their fundamentalist preachers.

They get the part about species changing into a species that's a bit different, over time, but they're completely unaware of the concept of speciation events.  They seem to think that there is the same exact number of species at all times.  Somehow, the idea of one species evolving into two distinct species never occurs to them, because they haven't had any real education on the subject.  If you talk about geographic separation and ring species, you'll just get a blank look, usually.

And it's not that there's an actually valid monkey-argument that they're perverting in some way.  Some creationist way back when heard that one species changes into a different species, and monkeys/apes changed into humans, so therefore ...

Americans came from Europe ... so why are there still Europeans?!? 

Thank you for thoroughly demonstrating that humans did not evolve from Europeans, Loren.

Milk comes from cows. Why are there still cows?????


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