Any nominees? I think the winner has to come from the most recent additions of Mormonism, Nation of Islam, or Scientology. Lots of outerspace stuff with all of those.

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Manifestations (face of Jesus in grilled cheese, dog's butt, etc). It's like looking in the clouds. You can make pictures out of anything. The sad thing is that they really believe it is some kind of message or miracle.
In Chicago, there was a water stain under an overpass that drew crowds as the face of Mary. Sorry for being crude, but it really looked like a vagina to me.
wonder what freud would say to that...
... well, he'd be thrilled, for a start...

Jeebus rendered in burnt pork - holy, holy, holy.
When in the news they mention the tensions between Iran and Israel, then some random Christian talk about how happy he is to see a coming nuclear war because it will make Jesus come back

it scares the hell out of me.
Golly, where do you start?!!
I heard about an organization in my Evolution class last night, while talking about varying degrees of creationism/evolution, that I still can't believe is real, but apparently it is. The Flat Earth Organization. That's right, flat Earth. Apparently the idea of the Earth being round is just a theory. Here's the website. The FAQ section is quite comical. Also, we talked a bit about Scientology and that is just wacky.
Look into Mormonism sometime. A lot of people don't realize just how crazy it is, and Joseph Smith was such an obvious grifter.
That one can see religious figures by staring into the sun would top my list.
What exactly is the belief of the Nation of Islam?
They believe things like, black scientists created earth 30000 years ago, Allah came in the form of an African American guy(their founder, I forgot his name) the real Hebrews and tribes of Israel are blacks, the real "Arabs" are blacks (Arabs of today are fake whites), whites are demons and the black race is superior, and many nonsense stuff.
Scientists who created the earth? What were they living on before that?

I had also read that they believed people were made of black and white genes (which were evil) and some scientist decided to make people of both, and then kept making them of more white genes and less black genes until they were all white (and evil).




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