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I am finishing up my last semester in high school and as part of my AP English class I have been given the assignment to write a research paper based on any TED talk of my choosing. I can also present the paper for extra credit, and I can use images in that part.  I've decided to take this opportunity to do some atheist activism and have chosen Richard Dawkins' "On Militant Atheism". I won't be arguing militant atheism as Dawkins does because my audience is definitely not the audience he has at TED. Instead, my argument will mostly be centered around the benefits of atheism and its role in our society. I will cover some of the cons of religion, but base them mostly off of their contrast to the pros of atheism. By the end of my talk, I'd like to convince some people that atheism is a viable option.


My audience is intelligent and I think mostly deist. I want to concede some of the appeal of religion because I don't want to alienate my audience by calling them foolish, but I still want to come out strong for atheism. It's a delicate balance...


I would really like some recommendations for resources, and any hints you have for talking to people about making the transition to athiesm. So far, I've read Dawkins' The God Delusion and have looked through some of the articles in The Friendly Atheist. I'd love to use something George Hrab's podcast, but I'm very new to it and don't know of any specific episodes that would be helpful.


Thanks so much!

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I don't think there are 'benefits' from atheism - unless you count the absence of religious cons ^^


As for sources I have a lot of them if you really need more... my guess is that you have too much material to work with already.

I like Dawkins but have found his approach too abrasive for the uber sensititve religionists in the community. I have had much more sucess with the Neil Degrasse Tyson approach. I am in college too, I am doing my final paper for the semester on Freethought. I would have never dreamed of being able to do a paper on Freethought when I was in highskool, (class of 1985) most of the time an atheist was an anomaly back then. I am back in skool and cant believe how much progress we have made, there is even an Atheist club on campus, I am floored. I started fighting against the theists in the 70's and look how many peeps are joining the cause. Way cool. My daughter did a paper on converting from theism and she used an online poll tool called pollmonkey.com (?) I think thats the name, she was able to design her own poll questions in the fashion or style she wanted to, essay, multiple choice, true false etc..She then zapped it out on FB, and used the results for her report. Hope you do well.

Another great vid on Ted.com is the one Bobby McFerrin did. Not on topic but it is a great example of how the brain works.



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