Top 10 most religious states

  • Mississippi: 58 percent are very religious
  • Utah: 56 percent
  • Alabama: 56 percent
  • Louisiana: 53 percent
  • Arkansas: 52 percent
  • South Carolina: 52 percent
  • Tennessee: 50 percent
  • North Carolina: 50 percent
  • Georgia: 48 percent
  • Oklahoma: 48 percent

i suppose it's just a coincidence that our craziest, reality denying politicians tend to come from these states.  and Texas.  btw, how did Texas not make this list??  is Austin growing that rapidly?  lol

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I'm not surprised by this list. Maybe Texas isn't on there because Texas thinks it's a country in itself.

None on that list surprises me.  Where are the 10 least religious states?

click on the link, it has that info too.

I like Vermont. I want to go to there someday.

I am changing Texas - all by myself - haha.

I love Austin, TX - the Atheist Experience TV show is here and the Non-Prophets.


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