in news that should come as a surprise to no one here, Republicans are apparently religious kooks.  some 68% of registered Republicans believe that the devil can possess a human soul.  frankly i'm surprised the number isn't higher.  if i had to guess the number is closer to 99% among Republican elected officials.  

i haven't been around here much lately.  i've spent a lot of time recently volunteering for the Obama campaign in my local area.  hopefully i can spend more time here once this election is over.  i hope everyone is well, and regardless of your political affiliation please go vote next Tuesday!

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Thanks for volunteering.  I commend you for taking the time to help out with the election. 

I'm not surprised by the percentage of believers in devil-possessed souls.  Since most theists believe we have souls, and that god is the "good" force in the universe, and that we are constantly fighting an internal battle between good and evil, it stands to reason that "dark forces" can take over if we're vulnerable enough to allow it to happen.      

right, but keep in mind this isn't about believers, it's about Republicans.  i guess anymore they're largely one in the same.  

I am actually glad that Dems ignored the religious constituencies' potential back in the 70's and 80's. At least that kept them somewhat secular. I really wish that the Tea Party had started back in the 70's as it's own bag, instead of merely being a interestingly useful (ignored) group that the republicans latched onto after letting those former "dixie democrats" wander in and out of the party for over 100 years. They are the same normal people that supported slavery before 1864 (well, kinda still do) and kicked out the Pshah of Iran. If only they had started their own party instead of being courted/overtaken (or overtaken by?) the GOP, they could still be a fringe element, and might serve to unite social progressives with fiscal conservatives on many issues. Instead, they are with a 49% group. Their young represent 97% of the GOP's Millennial Generation support.
Fortunately, the passing of the Silent Generation from the census rolls will take out a large chunk of the GOP base with them. Boomers are more reasonable, and GenX urbanites can counterbalance their Kuntry Kuzzins easily enough. Yes, GenX invented Christian Rock, but at least some 55% of us support liberal social policies. Mixed with Millennials and Boomers, the aging out of the demographics should give what we now think of as a liberal social stance the status of quo. This is, I think, the last hurrah of the demonologist anti-condom crowd. I really think that in 50 years or so, the middle east should start looking like the US, and the US will have reached the maturity level of the first world countries.
Plenty of famine and war is yet in the offing of course. Yet more fuel for Rapturists to enjoy their part in disguising oil wars as promotion of democracy while viewing them as Holy Crusades of the Final Days. We can't convert our energy/economic base away from oil to avoid that due largely to the viewpoints of the very folks who most want to do so! The unwashed masses of Theocracy could be easily led to the nuclear light, while the otherwise enlightened Secularists have too much misinformation courtesy of their own fringe and too few education opportunities to perform a sea-change (which happily some in fact do).
I have been reading a number of pundits' posts on various blogs and on-line magazines, who are wondering why the Democrats don't seek out the atheist/agnostic/don't care vote, as such people more often align with their platform, and represent as much as 20% of the electorate (according to some polls).

Since the Dems have targeted identification of their potential voter base with the Internet down cold, that should not be much of a problem. Yet they (also, and mistakenly) pander to the Religious Reich (though not to the degree the GOP does).

i've seen many of these articles as well.  i've even posted a few here for discussion.  with the democratic micro targeting strategy, i wouldn't be surprised if we've already been targeted and just don't know it yet.  eventually, i hope it would be more direct and overt.  we'll see.

You have my admiration and gratitude for volunteering.  Very much.

I was going to say something snarky about devilish Repubs but someone already did.   Dick Cheney as my vote as being the most satainc, with GWBush as his puppet.

thanks.  my achillies are paying the price though. i knocked on nearly 1000 doors over 4 days.  it's very hilly in my town as well.  

thanks Pat.  you can thank the religious right for my involvement.  were it not for them i'd have been sitting comfortably on my couch.  i got involved b/c they freaked me out, and unfortunately they dominate the Republican Party.  




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