Comey's firing eliminated the only senior official that President Trump didn't appoint and one who is known to stand up to power. Rosenstein's memo in support of Comey’s firing was essentially is a press release to justify tyrannical pseudo-presidential action. Compared to Republican heroism during the Watergate Scandal, the post-Newt Gingrich party eagerly embraces at-the-cost-of-democracy power. GOP control of all three branches of government renders Democrats powerless, and some are themselves corrupted by dirty money. Since the Comey firing I've felt as if my head would explode. I've felt boiling-over-mad and helpless.

A breath of hope from Mother Jones is my straw of sanity. NOW IT'S ABOUT MUCH MORE THAN TRUMP AND RUSSIA

I trust Mother Jones. They're launching a project to dig out this administration's secrets. By signing up as a monthly sponsor of this investigative journalism project I feel a tiny less out of control and manipulated. Consider this unique opportunity for yourself. They've demonstrated expertise and courage that mass media lack.

Mother Jones' CEO Monika Bauerlein

We are launching a new project to investigate the Trump-Russia question, and we hope you'll be part of it. We're looking to sign up 1,000 new sustaining donors with a tax-deductible donation ....

Why, you might ask, the extra push on an issue that many others are now covering? Because ... even when lots of journalists are on the same beat ... the news ecosystem is not necessarily built to expose the most challenging stories. ... Washington's—and political journalism's—tendency to coalesce around a he-said-she-said storyline. 

... this story will move forward only if journalists expose what politicians are hiding—and journalists can only do that when they have the time, and space, to go deep. (We went into why the current media business model is weighted against this sort of reporting here.)

This story is about identifying the most vulnerable spots in our democracy and how they can be exploited by forces both foreign and domestic. 

In addition to digging into conflicts like these, we're aiming to help you sift through the chaos of the daily headlines. We've put together a constantly updated Russia-Trump timeline, and we're launching a newsletter, The Russia Connection, that will deliver the most important stories on this beat—not froth, fluff, or speculation—once a week. ... You can sign up for it here.

It will take more than $500,000 to fund this project, which will include reporters, fact-checkers, editors, researchers, multimedia work, and legal review. 

You might ask why not give an extra monthly donation to Atheist Nexus instead. How long do you think we'll survive as an atheist gay-friendly online group once the theist police state tightens its grip?

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Mother Jones may be a good idea. Are we driven by fear, anger, and hate? I know I'm boiling mad and I find it strange that I heard someone who should know better claim that "Comey was fired because he was trying to help Hillary hide her e-mails." What I remember on that subject was Comey coming out at last minute in the election to cause doubt about Hillary over her e-mails and maybe sway the election.  It simply cannot be both ways and the doubt Comey caused, when he did it, and a hint that this would all be a matter for more investigation is documented for the record. Why do people not see this or continually deny it?

Donny wants to stop anybody that is investigating him and Trump Jr. even admits there are loans from Russia on various business deals but stops short of saying more. Supporters seem to think this is normal and permissible for a POTUS. Well, not in my lifetime. Not on this planet.

I have great fears for our future but not party politic fears, just fear in general. Some say that Trump is testing our Constitution, but if this is so it's to find loopholes and not to strengthen it. Some are already saying that they are politically exempt from questioning on matters and will not answer when asked about details. Others talk but avoid the specific question at hand while others change their answers around 4 or 5 times.

We are in great trouble. Politicians always did lie, but with the Trump election we are in "The Era of Lies." We have also become the laughing stock of the rest of the world.

I'm sure Mother Jones is aware of all of this and I'm sorry if I'm a little off topic here. My big problem is that I find very few people who actually see a cause for alarm.

That so few people see a cause for alarm is a big problem for me too, Michael. I was talking to an Indian immigrant acquaintance at the gym today, and he is fully aware of the dangerous changes happening. But he doesn't want to even object to his legislators, saying, "It makes no difference." And he wasn't interested in the  Mother Jones investigation, despite agreeing that the government won't properly investigate. It's as if the entire nation has learned helplessness, including those most vulnerable.

Michael, that alarms me, too. When I lightly, cautiously, tentatively bring up the subject of aon of tRumps escapages, people often deny what is going on. My job, it seems to me, is to educate people about current affairs if they don't already know. If people continue to support him, as is the case in this rural farming community, I have my say. Little good it does. 

As a mother, I tried to teach my children so that they made wise decisions; as wife, I tried to be a partner in matters of the family, as a citizen, I attempt to be clear, honest, accurate in my description of what is happening. Too often, I was not a good communicator, or was not able o get my point across. So, I learned my strategy of speaking my piece, then letting go. It is easy to see consequences of poor choices. Too much alcohol = inability to function as an adult; too much tobacco = lung diseases of one kind or another; too much nonsense from a POTUS candidate and we get a fool as leader with the power of nuclear weapens. 

All these things lead to natural consequences and to a degrading of quality of life. I wholeheartedly agree with Mother Jones and the project to dig out this administration's secrets.

Supporting Atheist Nexus and the efforts of rational thinking is appropriate. I'm signing up as a monthly sponsor of this Mother Jones investigative journalism project because,"They've demonstrated expertise and courage that mass media lack."

The 'whiney little bitch' as Bill Maher calls him, has told so many lies it's impossible to keep up. The number of laws he has broken is climbing daily. He is insane and his supporters refuse to acknowledge it while the Republicans are using it to their advantage.
I'll check into the Mother Jones investigation. MJ is known for being a legitimate news organization. Most of the mainstream are just talking heads. Everyone repeating what the others are saying ad nauseum.




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