Mother Jones has an amusing piece about some dumbass Christers claiming the story of Noah proves God put petroleum on earth because how else would the ark-builder have sealed up his giant pleasure boat? Obviously, some oil-derived substance had to have been used, else the ship would have leaked like a seive, right? Read it here:
Again, science comes to the rescue, making fools out of these hapless hoots. We know that it took a very long time for oil to form. Most of it derives from the Cretacious Period, at least 65 million years ago. Boobical "scholars" believe Genesis recounts events that occurred 6,000 years ago. Once again, the impossibility of Booblical accuracy and the fly in the ointment of the "'God' created oil" theory, Noah and all.

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Apparently there's more than one born every minute.
The author of that article has far more pity for the scammed than I do.
They're investing in it because they think it will bring about the end of the world.
That's hardly a noble cause.
In days of old, shipwrights used pine pitch and jute cordage to caulk ships. There is a tool called a caulking iron that is used with a hammer to drive pitch impregnated jute into the gaps between hull planks.

Until around 1930, there was an important business in the S.E. United States called the "Naval Stores Industry". The industry consisted of tapping pine trees to extract pitch. Turpentine was distilled from the pitch, the residue was heated and used to impregnate jute to use for caulking. These products are still produced but they are extracted from tree stumps with heat rather than "tapping" the trees and collecting the "sap".

Around 1850 or so, tar from petroleum sources was mixed with the pine pitch to make a longer-lasting compound. Petroleum tar could be found on the surface in areas where oil seeped to the surface as well. But, in the time of the alleged ark, virtually all caulking was done with plant products.
Amazing! But even if Noah lacked petroleum, "God" could have made sure that he had it, couldn't he? Booble geeks claim that fossils are "God's" practical jokes on non-believers (i.e. everyone who believes in evolution). That is, "God" put the fossils in the earth when he created the universe circa 6,000 years B.C.E. so that fools like us would think that the earth was a lot older. They must also think "God" invented carbon dating to fool us, too.
James M. Martin wrote: "Amazing! But even if Noah lacked petroleum, "God" could have made sure that he had it, couldn't he?"

Yeah, you're right, I didn't think of that. But, where are the miracles when I need them?
Given that this aspect of dominionism has its parallel in jihadist yearning for "paradise" (whether with virgins or raisins), one is reminded of Woody Allen's famous quip, "I'm not afraid of dying. I just don't want to be there when it happens." Yearning for the Rupture Rapture is for this reason especially repugnant to the atheist: since we know there is no "God" to "take us home" to a lovely prenatalal placed called "Heaven," we find incredibly fatuous those cults which actively seek to bring about our demise. A good "God" would save us, not the evangelical Christers. Why would "God" create the earth only to allow a bunch of fanatics to destroy it in one fell swoop? It is no coincidence that these same people were to most obstinate opponents of the theory of global warming and have only, within recent years, shown signs of catching on to the idea that "God" would not want us to destroy his creation with hydrocarbons for which we, ourselves, are directly responsible.
Does this mean that Gomer Shuckabee is a dominionist? He gave a speech during the Repub primaries where he said he wanted the U. S. Constitution interpreted "along Christian principles."
Fascinating, Ralph. I can see you've done your homework on all this. I had no idea about some of the points you make, e.g. that the Grassley (sp?) investigation of the megacurches was a put up job designed to attack one religious right wing of the GOPS on behalf of another -- an internecene squabble of sorts. I am afraid Sarah is beyond the Palin. I don't like to even mention her anymore. I get physically ill. Too much like seeing, as I did on Crooks and Liars, a photo of Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter licking each others' vaginas. (Ooops, kind of impossible for Coulter. She has a penis to match her adam's apple.) Have you ever noticed how these crypto-fascist bitches always wear big crosses on TV? Ingraham's is especially huge. Makes you wonder if their convictions are so slight are they wearing big symbols to compensate. It's like those "Honk If You Love Jesus" stickers.
It may be off topic but it's fascinating. You certainly have keen insight in these goings-on and you write well too. I enjoy your posts on A|I a bunch. Hope you keep adding your input on such things. Take care (as they say...well, you gotta admit, it's better than "God bless....").
I'd believe it if he had given Noah a petrol engine to go with it.
Well, actually, he did, but Noah was worried about hydrocarbons causing global warming.
My, my, Ralph, that closed forum sounds a bit like something the Stasi might dream up. Ironically, in the "Bill Payers" column to the right of this reply there is an ad touting "Ann Coulter Free!...Be among the first to read Ann's column every week, &c." Hell, I haven't read a line she's written and don't intend to start now. And, BTW, have you by any chance read David Brock's The Republican Noise Machine? It's part confession (that he was a closet gay) and part expose' (that people like Coulter are agents-provocateur for the big money people in the far right wing (they paid Brock to write the character assassination on Anita Hill, but he couldn't find anything damaging about Hillary so they gave him a cold shoulder). His portrait of Coulter is not unflattering, though I think he met her before she was exposed as a plagiarist with a moron's possession of factual information. All, or almost all, of the right wingnuts shunned him when Brock after he came out of the closet and changed his political orientation, and of course people like Bill O'Really attack him almost weekly. But he enjoyed drinking wine with Coulter. Strange....



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