So said a Florida Republican committeewoman from Collier County to MSNBC's Chris Hayes on Monday, September 11th.

Collier County is in south Florida; its county seat is Naples and "Irma" had done its damage. Hayes was interviewing her and asked her views on climate change.

She said she wanted Florida to remain a place her children and grandchildren could live.

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Sadly, if climate change forecasts correctly report what we can expect, Florida will be a series of islands sticking up out of the sea. Tall buildings will be standing in water. 

I still like "The Fate of Mar-A-Lago":

Barron Trump, last surviving child of disgraced one-time president Donald Trump, has finally succeeded in his crusade to create a monument to his father....

The monument consists of a museum and library located in the upper floors of  the historic Mar-A-Lago Estate ... now attached to the mainland by a floating causeway which will rise and fall with the tides and rise permanently to keep pace with the rising level of the ocean....

The dedicatory ceremony was held yesterday, attended by all surviving ex-presidents, but not by President Kumarr, who cited prior obligations. She did delegate her wife’s stepson to represent her.

See related story with visuals and descriptions of the entire facility.

Thank you for this outstanding bit of thinking in the future tense at Mar-A-Lago; my only regret in reading this fabrication is that the impeachment waited until 2018! Anything we can d to speed it up? 

And to speed up an investigation that results in tRump and Pence and Ryan leaving the administration, and in the Republican Party losing all remaining support and credibility (I can dream...)!

I don't want 45* continuing his corporatist, police-state agenda (much more on that in Writing to Congress), and I certainly don't want a christofascist President Pence who's a "normal", "sane", competent politician taking over! I'm not sure which would be the lesser evil, if we can't avoid one or the other....

It would greatly help for enough people to turn away from the Republican Party in the 2018 elections to change legislative majorities despite gerrymandering, voter suppression, and inherently untrustworthy and unverifiable direct-recording-electronic voting machines!

Related news: Virginia just decertified its DRE voting machines; they won't be used in this fall's election. Hopefully this is part of a trend!

Virginia just decertified its most hackable voting machines (TechCrunch)

Virginia Decertifies DRE Machines (Election Academy)

Great news! Hope it's a trend.

It is a dream. If you impeach Trump then you get Mike Pence: " I'm a christian, a conservative, and a Republican - in that order. "

To whom did Pence say that?

Was he describing himself truthfully or was he pandering to xian voters?

Pence is recorded and videotaped all over the networks. Pick one: 

" I'm a christian, a conservative, and a Repu…

"Religion is regarded ... by the rulers as useful."

I have Seneca's words posted where I see them often.

2017 has been a terrible year, so far. What will it take to wake these people up!?

Maybe scump could be in the basement....

Physics over fake news. Only nobody actually "wins".




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