Looking through these photos, I couldn't help but think what kind of bizarre explanations religion would have had for them, had they been encountered in biblical times.  One could have writen another whole testament for the Bible using these unique manifestations of mother nature as divine situations on earth.

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And when the Lord learned that the inhabitants of the village at Lake Monoun passed a law to end discrimination of homosexuals, He slapped the surface of Lake Monoun with His palm and unleashed a wicked flatulence that asphyxiated every man, woman and child in the village.

It would be just the gods' style to create people one way and then punish them for not being another! Exactly the caliber of forethought we have come to expect from these omniscient deities.

I was just thinking how ancients would have interpreted the erupting lakes as punishment from an angry deity, when I read Future's comment. Maybe the gods really are behind the kill the gays bill. Who knew? ;)

always mi$taken... ; )




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