Move over Todd Akin, there's a crazier sherif in town!

In interview with Catholic magazine, Father Benedict Groeschel says the children are the “seducers” and that child rapists should not be punished for first offense and even calls Jerry Sandusky “this poor guy”.

The “poor guy” who rapes children! Holy cow! What in the world was in the rest of that interview that they decided, “Hey, let’s publish the ‘children are the seducers’ stuff, it is substantially less crazy”. I can only imagine Father Groeschel was riffing on things like: “So what if the Pope was a former Nazi? Hitler did a lot of good things for the economy”.  

Maybe father Groeschel thought he was talking to an empty chair.

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It's as old as time for pedophiles to claim that the children "seduce" them. It's been done in private, it's done in court. In modern times, the courts do not accept that as any sort of "excuse", but rather it's an admission of guilt if the child is below the age of consent or the person is in any position of authority over them. The courts do not accept it as an excuse! Others, such as social workers do not accept the "the child seduced me" excuse. Why should anyone accept that as an excuse from a clergy person - someone who has had "carnal knowledge of a child" who was below the age of consent, while they were in a position of authority regarding that child, and in violation of their vows of chastity or celibacy?

And people still follow the dictates of the Catholic Church?




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