Remember  Remember their ads and the stink about them in the 2006 congressional elections?  Ever wonder what happened to them since that time?

Yeah, I suppose they have been dormant a while, or at least I didn't hear much about them ... until Republicorp showed up!

Has it finally happened?  Has the principle of Poe finally inveigled its way into politics?  Give a look, but be advised - a kidney belt might be in order!

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woo hoo! Go George Go!
Ummm, George?!?
George Soros. I'm glad so see he is getting into the game again.
Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, THAT, "George!"
thanks to you also Loren (for sharing the link). I sent it to fb and my meetup groups
Thank goodness I already voted. I couldn't vote for someone good, so I voted for the sane folks. And these yahoos talk about Democrats!
Golly gee, this sounds great - where can I invest. With the wonderful patriotic stalwarts in the organization how could it not be a winner.
The only thing I can compare it with is a 50 gallon drum of putrefying gopher guts - in the hot sun
Is it Poe or not Poe?.




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