I just watched a movie trailer on the Apple website for an upcoming movie titled 'The Scientist'. The premise of the movie is an exploration of 'what happens when you die'.


I'm curious what others will think of this movie but I expect that it will be complete rubbish. Exploring metaphysical phenomenon is antithetical to science, isn't it? The trailer makes it look like experimentation is being done but no doubt it will be fantasy.

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The description makes it seem like total bullshit.
My (late) step-father-in-law (yeah - whatever) Allen was an atheist and a professional astrophysicist (PhD.) In his retirement, he participated in some paranormal studies - as a scientist and total skeptic. In one study on telepathy there was a very small discrepancy in the expected probabilities. Even the other scientists who were more 'optimistic' they might discover something weren't too excited about it.

However, all those participants predisposed to believe it called it 'proof.' Allen despised the 'trojan horse' of associating science in this way with any fanciful speculation - as do I. This is not to say we couldn't enjoy a fantasy film - or even a speculative fiction piece about a scientist who uncovers evidence of something difficult to explain. But disembodied consciousness after death not only lacks evidence in the affirmative, it also would fly in the face of all the evidence that consciousness is an expression of tangible reality and, also temporary and transitory in its nature even during life. Why, for example, is a persons identity and mental capacity modified over the course of a lifetime if it is, actually, eternal and persistent?
"This is not to say we couldn't enjoy a fantasy film - or even a speculative fiction piece about a scientist who uncovers evidence of something difficult to explain."

Right. It just disgusts me that someone is using the title, and content apparently, of this movie to perpetuate pseudoscience and call it science.
Great, just what we need. More nonsense built on quantum woo. "[...]The multi—dimensional energy unleashed by the machine triggers a series of events that propels Ryan toward a higher level of consciousness." I would like the creators of the film to please define "consciousness" (and there's levels of it?). I would also like them to explain how exactly you would "propel" such a thing. Multi-dimensional energy? I am no physicist, but I know enough to know nonsense when I see it. Unfortunately the general public won't understand it's bunk, and yet again physics will be misrepresented.
Wow, you guys haven't even seen this film and you've already put it on trail, passed a verdict and executed it? This sort of brash, close-minded quick to judge mentality reminds me of the many theists I have to suffer from on a weekly basis. I've seen this film, so if any of you on this board - who have also seen this film - want to talk about it there are some interesting and thought provoking concepts in it we can tackle.

Anyone? Anyone who can converse in a rational and intelligent manner, not just spewing negativity and thoughtless emotion, reactionary emotion?
Not jumping to conclusions about the quality of the film. Merely annoyed at the premise. Which is basically jumping to conclusions about the existence of an afterlife and associating it with Science.
I'm not saying that the film will be bad. It just seems as though the science behind it will be ridiculous. I mean, I can enjoy watching a lot of Disney movies, even though the animals talk.
We are speculating. If you've actually seen the movie then why don't you give us your review instead of criticizing us.
What do you do?
Leave either a positive footprint or legacy on Earth.
Or, as I've seen lately with the fundies... cause problems for peace and worm food is all that's left.

OOOoooor, you can get turned into ash and dropped a few miles out in the ocean to become one with where you came from.

Ah death, the trees beat us all in regards to living.
Gonna be junk. But I can't wait to watch. :D
I can only hope this will be as much of a dumpster fire as What tнe #$*! Dө ωΣ (k)πow!?.




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