Hello, I'm new. Just thought I'd share a couple of non-theist related movies I like. The Man From Earth is a very interesting movie that kind of makes you think. Then there's Mary and Max. It's one of those movies I can watch more than once. And I have watched it many times. It's sweet and hilarious at the same time. It's a little dark. But dark comedy is the best comedy in my opinion. Just take Harold and Maude. You guys got any favorite non-theist related movies? Or even favorite dark comedies?

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I'm not familiar with A Man From Earth, I'll check it out. it has good ratings on IMDB.com:
I guess it's not that interesting of a subject.
It's not that it isn't interesting, I seriously just cannot think of a "non theist" movie.  Although, alot of movies that feature religion are not exactly positive about it, I enjoy those.  I really like period movies featuring the faithful behaving badly, there's no shortage of those.  Cry to Heaven with Orlando Bloom was a good one.  Sean Bean was recently in one called The Plague.
I just watched Paul.  It had a nice atheist tone to it.  Also The Invention of Lying had some as well, didn't really care for it though.

Invention of lying was ok. Paul was pretty funny to.

I liked Logan's Run . Inherit the wind (teacher who taught evolution faces courtroom).
Logan's Run looks good. I'm gunna "buy" it right now. I'll look at Inherit the Wind too. My attention span tends to fade with courtroom movies though.


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