After reading Jared Lardo's discussion I thought I would begin one with the opposite premise, movies and tv shows that were ruined by story lines relating to belief in god, or the supernatural. Or predestination - I do not believe in fate, destiny, grand plan, or any of that crap.

Note, if I know going in, that it's about the supernatural I don't have a problem with it like with Lost.

** Potential Spoiler alert for Battlestar Galactica and I Am Legend ** >>

An example is the recent TV show Battlestar Galactica, which I got hooked on. Then they completely ruined the entire series with finale where everything was god's plan.

The movie I am Legend with Will Smith. Basic message I got: Science caused the problem, god will save. Yes I know Will Smith's character Neville, discovered the cure but that would have been useless if god hadn't sent Anna to meet him and escape to the colony.

I recently watched the first episode of Flash Forward. I got a bad feeling about this one. Whether it's "god is punishing us" or future is set and can't be changed BS.

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To enjoy fiction, (especially Sci Fi) one often needs to use a facility of mind called "suspension of disbelief" .

Get a grip.
I said Note, if I know going in, that it's about the supernatural I don't have a problem with it like with Lost.
I hope that "Get a grip." came with a :)
I hope that "Get a grip." came with a :)

Of course .

I guess emoticons are TFM trouble here.

I am acronymically challenged, and hate emoticons. My hate for emoticons is a disco inferno, it's burnin' and burnin'.
I gotta disagree. It just seems like such an unsatisfying way to push the plot along, doesn't it? I mean, the best sci-fi only requires suspension of disbelief to a point. Like accepting imaginary technologies as realities in the fictional universe being presented and those sorts of things. Generally things that would be supernatural in real life generally aren't in worlds created for sci-fi. It seems like sort of a cop-out to make a show or movie that has nothing apparently to do with God and then throw him in at the last second as a hackneyed plot device to avoid having to actually explain anything. Regardless of genre, it's not so much that I have a hard time suspending my disbelief when it comes to things like that. It's more just an issue of that kind of thing being really, really lazy and terrible writing. Instead of writing a plot that makes sense, it's excusing a plot that doesn't with divine intervention, or worse, wrecking a plot by ending it with "and everything got fixed, because I said so."

Actually, come to think of it, that in itself seems to be a fairly excellent unintentional commentary on the role of deities in real life, too, huh?
I imagine my response would have been 'oh please, give me a break.'
Actually, I think that scene was the least of Australia's problems - if Nicole Kidman hadn't been in it it might have been a whole lot better.
How about The Matrix?
The television show Jericho?
I've never seen Jericho.

With The Matrix I was expecting weird stuff. But yea the oracle stuff was bit 'yea whatever'. And what was up with Colonel Sanders?
You know what really riled me about Jericho? The idea that because there'd been some kind of nuclear attack on America, Jericho was isolated. It never occurred to anybody that if that happened, the rest of the world would be moving in to provide aid and relief and evacuation? Come on guys - America is not the whole world. It drives us non-Americans nuts!
And it embarrasses me to no end...(Yes,I'm an American.)




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