After reading Jared Lardo's discussion I thought I would begin one with the opposite premise, movies and tv shows that were ruined by story lines relating to belief in god, or the supernatural. Or predestination - I do not believe in fate, destiny, grand plan, or any of that crap.

Note, if I know going in, that it's about the supernatural I don't have a problem with it like with Lost.

** Potential Spoiler alert for Battlestar Galactica and I Am Legend ** >>

An example is the recent TV show Battlestar Galactica, which I got hooked on. Then they completely ruined the entire series with finale where everything was god's plan.

The movie I am Legend with Will Smith. Basic message I got: Science caused the problem, god will save. Yes I know Will Smith's character Neville, discovered the cure but that would have been useless if god hadn't sent Anna to meet him and escape to the colony.

I recently watched the first episode of Flash Forward. I got a bad feeling about this one. Whether it's "god is punishing us" or future is set and can't be changed BS.

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What!? You mean there are places in the world that aren't not part of the US.

That;s just crazy talk

America #1 woo!!
Question: How do you measure "Most Ridiculous" in statistically robust terms? I'd like to apply this measure to evaluate all theses and dissertations in my university. I want to know if mine is the most ridiculous. :D
Mel: I remember someone once tried (jokingly) to answer this question by watching movies from all around the world. Her conclusion was the 'dumb foreigner' character, when there was one, was more likely to be, in that order:

1 - an American
2 - a German
3 - (not sure - I think it was Japanese)

She also noted that 'dumb Americans' seemed the most popular in Hong-Kong action flicks (those that are targeted at the local audience).
Well I certainly don't want to ruin people's view of movies they like. I guess what bothers me is when it comes out of now where, where you're not expecting it. Again back to the example of Lost, which I really enjoy the mystery and trying to figure out what it all means. And with "It's a Wonderful Life" you know what to expect.

But for Battlestar Galactica and I Am Legend it seemed to come out of nowhere and unexpected. They're carrying a message to the audience, 'No mater what accomplishments or screw ups of humanity, it's ok, god has a plan.'

Another thing "It's a Wonderful Life" just centers around an individual and those he knows, not the existence of humanity.
I stopped watching Lost when torture became common. There was enough for me in the news.
I stopped watching Lost when it appeared the writers were more lost than the survivors of the plane wreck!
I adore "It's a Wonderful Life" too and try to ignore the religious stuff. I was raised watching it and it is special to me for some odd reason.
I am Legend, the book, is better than the movie.
I read that as I have my chemistry text open. *looks at it* Yep, the book is better than the movie.

Anyway, I heard that a movie was made out of The Remains of the Day and that it was boring as fuck all. The book was shrug. I guess it is still true again.
"I am Legend, the book, is better than the movie."

--Sis is the original movie, "Omega Man", made at the time Chuck Heston would do movie for $50,000.-and accidently did the best work of his career, (Omega Man,Soylent Green and Planet Of Apes)

Tangent. Soylent Green was made in1973.In the film they were casually discussing the problem of pollution and its cause; ;'the green house effect'.




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