After reading Jared Lardo's discussion I thought I would begin one with the opposite premise, movies and tv shows that were ruined by story lines relating to belief in god, or the supernatural. Or predestination - I do not believe in fate, destiny, grand plan, or any of that crap.

Note, if I know going in, that it's about the supernatural I don't have a problem with it like with Lost.

** Potential Spoiler alert for Battlestar Galactica and I Am Legend ** >>

An example is the recent TV show Battlestar Galactica, which I got hooked on. Then they completely ruined the entire series with finale where everything was god's plan.

The movie I am Legend with Will Smith. Basic message I got: Science caused the problem, god will save. Yes I know Will Smith's character Neville, discovered the cure but that would have been useless if god hadn't sent Anna to meet him and escape to the colony.

I recently watched the first episode of Flash Forward. I got a bad feeling about this one. Whether it's "god is punishing us" or future is set and can't be changed BS.

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I watched a movie with The Rock (I think) which was really good until jesus appeared on the back of his shirt. It was right at the end, too, thus removing any earlier opportunity to turn it off. I thank Reason that I hadn`t actually paid for it.
Ah, but with Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty, you already know it is god-based. But still a funny piece of artistic license. It is the fairly good story that ends in the "Oh, God hath done it, again!" crap that gets old.
No problem

"Hate to say it, but i don't care for sci-fi, (ah, they're gonna kill me!!)"
Burn her. She's a witch. She turned me into a newt. :)
I know what you mean. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Morgan Freeman! And, I knew what you meant, I was just agreeing with you in a different way. ~.o

I don't like to watch tv or movies anymore because it is always the same plot line. Always. My husband hates it because in the first five minutes of a who-dun-it, I will blurt out who it was. It is predictable. Chick-flicks are the worst, so unrealistic and full of crap.
Going on to netflix that one. I love to be surprised!

Anthony Hopkins, King of the Thriller.
I really liked Guilty Conscience
Predictable who-dun-its.

The worst had to be Murder She Did Wrote. 99% of the time it was the least likely suspect.

However, I know she was the real murder. The women is a serial murder. Everywhere she would go, people would drop dead. Her home town had to have the highest per capitca murder rate.

"but with Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty, you already know it is god-based."

Exactly so I would not have any problem with that.
I liked Bruce Almighty. It was funnier than Evan Almighty.
Southland Tales? I really enjoyed that! I didn't really notice it was jesus though, I was too busy going "Ok, what the HELL just happened?" as they closed the causal loop in the most thoroughly bizarre way (at least, I THINK that's what happened.)
Thats another one that I don't really mind, because the subtext of the rest of the film is all about religious stuff - especially the weird sisters. *shudder* I think jesus was more a triple-decker metaphor there, rather than a bizzare kind of stigmata.




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