Hi, I'm Ted.  I've not been here in a long time.  Had to reach an exceptionally bad stretch of boredom to go back to my old email and be reminded I used to be here.  Sorry.

So... I'm an East Texas boy with dreams of escape.  I'd like to move on, that's for sure!

The question of the day is... why don't we just let junk be junk and move on?  Instead of revisiting what is not true or slapping about stupid ideas or recognizing how stupid people believe stupid ideas why not just get together and talk about now and tomorrow?

Oh, and, am I the only one who has never once watched even ten seconds of Duck Dynasty and can't stand it anyway?

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You're ahead of me.  I haven't so much as watched ANY Duck Dynasty ... and I don't feel as though I've missed a damned thing.

I'd rather watch Daniel Boone . . . . . . . .or  maybe Richard Boone. They were related you know. Both long dead now.

Man, I feel sorry for you if you're an atheist living in Texas. That place is as bad or worse than where I live in east Tennessee.

I know it, man, Texas is bad, everywhere but Austin.  I am entirely and completely isolated here.  The only people I know are my wife and kids.  

I feel for ya dude. Really. I'm isolated too. I don't have anyone. At least you do. Is your wife also an atheist ?

No, my wife is a clinger.  She can't let go of religion.  It's out of fear, but I can't get her past it.  She's afraid of dying.  She also hates the idea that her brother and grandparents who are dead now are just gone and she'll never see them again.  The 'heaven' thing.  Even if she was or becomes atheist she is so introverted we never have long conversations.  I've had to study her to understand her moods and emotions.  Thirty five years I've gotten pretty good at it.

Ted, I've never watched Duck Dynasty, and even have no idea of what it is. Having no TV does that to one.

television..........such a waste of energy. didn't use to have one either until I exhausted every horror flick I saw on Netflix! LOL!

Ick, never liked horror.  We only have the net.  We plug our flat screen into a computer to play movies sometimes.  Not very many, though.  It's very hard for me to find a show that does not bore me to death.  Being unable to do anything because of illness it's really hard to keep from climbing the walls.

Oh, yes, television. My favorite invention. We have 3 of them and one is a big screen. I have a 35 foot antenna tower and get the channels that way. (All of St. Louis and more.) Then we got Charter Cable bundle with high speed Internet and phone. I have Netflix and love it. I can access the Net through 2 of our TV's and have XBMC on my computer. It means I watch what I want to. I'm seeing 2014 movies already. I stream everything.

I used to love horror but ghosts and other BS doesn't cut it now that I'm atheist. I tried twice to watch "The Conjuring" but gave up after 20 minutes. Knowing that something dead and invisible isn't trying to scratch, bite, or throw you up against the wall makes these movies trash to me. Equally terrible is 666 and anything "end times" type. Others give me their BS crap like "you don't know coz it could happen." It's not very hard to smoke out a believer anymore.

We have one TV in use, a big screen.  It gets used maybe four or five hours a week, if that.  Kids would love to watch all the time but we don't let'em.  They get to use the old computer sometimes and watch some things if their room is clean, etc..  They have learned to find other things to do.  My son is always making or building or piddling with something.  My daughter is inventing hair styles. lol  We have family movie time on the weekends.  It's always a special time for us.  

My wife watches her comp and sometimes puts stuff on the big screen from it.  She watches those cooking competition shows, HGTV shows, and that inane music competition.  Arg.  I am here all day every day but almost never watch anything.  I can't find a movie or show that is not boring.  I have a hard time keeping my attention.  I can't read long articles and no books.  Can't concentrate.  That's probably my meds.  Such is life.  My favorite thing is StumbleUpon.  I sit for hours sometimes "stumbling around" on the net.  That app pulls up all kinds of interesting stuff.

Mosty though I am totally and insanely bored.  Bummer.

Hey Ted, Ted here.  I too live somewhat in isolation in the Bible Belt.  Greenville, SC is probably a little like Austin, TX in that it's something of an island of relative sanity in a predominantly insane field.  Haven't seen any of the Duck stuff because I haven't had a TV for several years.  I had a religious wife who couldn't come to grips with reality, but don't have that problem any more :).





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