Hi, I'm Ted.  I've not been here in a long time.  Had to reach an exceptionally bad stretch of boredom to go back to my old email and be reminded I used to be here.  Sorry.

So... I'm an East Texas boy with dreams of escape.  I'd like to move on, that's for sure!

The question of the day is... why don't we just let junk be junk and move on?  Instead of revisiting what is not true or slapping about stupid ideas or recognizing how stupid people believe stupid ideas why not just get together and talk about now and tomorrow?

Oh, and, am I the only one who has never once watched even ten seconds of Duck Dynasty and can't stand it anyway?

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Seems like a lot of us are stuck in a place where we're the odd ones out.  It would be good if we could have some weekend retreat get togethers and have time to talk like we want to about stuff we never get to talk about.  Would be cool, I think.

My wife and I get along fine.  Ours is one of those story book type relationships.  I am still totally head over hills in love with her, thirty five years later.  If there's one thing that describes our relationship it would be unique, I think.  She has never been "preachy."  Back when I was a preacher guy she never participated, though she taught some classes and stuff like that.  I wish I could get her over her fear, and maybe I will some day, but it's just who she is so I am just there when she needs me.  And it's mutual.  

I've never watched the Duck show either but I've read the news about what the idiots have said and I am sick of seeing the marketing crap everywhere.  This is a Duck Dynasty kind of town.  But fuck'em, back when I cared enough to speak up I had no qualms about declaring who and what I am.  A few old timers remember me when I was a zealot too so I'm sure they think I'm possessed or something.  Ha.

I think Law and Order may be one of the most popular shows ever. I like it too.  Haven't watched it lately though, except for  yesterday.  I was in a hospital waiting room while my wife was having a gall bladder test and the TV had it on.  Old episodes but still good shows.

I'm a scifi fanatic, though I don't like gore and icky stuff.  

I used to read but just can't concentrate long enough.  I've been reading a lot of short articles online lately, though even then I have a hard time getting to the bottom of them.




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