Some of you may have received contact from 

Mr. Austin Brendan

He sends an add friend with a creepy message asking you to contact him at a Yahoo account (why is it always yahoo with these scammers).

I took the liberty of seeing what he was selling using a fake throwaway email account. He Has 12 million dollars to invest (lol), all he will need are your bank account numbers and SSN and rights to your first born baby. This is a typical scam, heads up please don't fall for this. My education is in Information Security, so I kinda am a pro at this stuff (some of the time, the rest of the time I'm fixing broken iphones lol).

I did not post any specifics as I respect the TOS but for the admins/mods I can provide screenshots if needed.

Just a heads up. Please do not fall for this scam anyone. 

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I have reported this, along with several others. Given the number of people he reached out to in such a short time I wanted to do my best to make sure users were safe from being preyed on.

Glad to hear it!

I'm glad he is gone now. I had no idea.

Thank you what a looser. I received an message from him also. Interestingly after I told him I was reporting him he persisted. I think he chose the wrong website to victimize. We are thinkers.

This guy wouldn't be from Nigeria, would he?  Merde, alors!  Variations on the same bullshit scam that has been running almost as long as the internet has.  Ah, well...

My wife got a letter in e-mail years ago that looked very impressive. It pretended to be from CitiBank and wanted to give her some money. At the same time the letter was asking for all her banking info. The giveaway was that the letter came from (insert name here) "your most excellent CEO." For some reason these guys can concoct a fraud but they never master the way we actually speak. This letter was a variation of the old Nigerian scam.




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